A naturist’s view on children

Naturism and children

Always a worthwhile discussion, it seems. True naturists and nudists know that the naked lifestyle goes well with kids. Kids love being naked, and they continue to love it until the “grown-ups” tell them it’s a bad thing and they should stop it. Putting on the dreaded clothing parts is the normal way to go. Yes, it’s normal (since that is the norm, carried by most people).

We know that the norm isn’t always the smartest thing to follow.

I am NOT an expert on children, but…

witch and children menuTrust me. I am not. I do remember what it’s like to be a child (because a) I think I have a good memory and b) I refuse to grow up).

Also I have second hand experience with the daughters of my sister. They liked to run around naked as long as they could.

However, even when I’m not a child expert, I know that children and naturism mix well. When I visit our local nude beach I see kids running around and having a blast. They play, swim and just have a great time without feeling any pressure to cover up or ‘be decent’.

The naked swimming child

nude woman floating
I know, this is not a child, but to prevent problems concerning naked kids online…

Have you ever witnessed a naked swimming child? They are free as a bird (as far as birds swim, that is) and they seem to know this is the right way to be. And look at yourself. Have you ever skinny-dipped? Swam naked? How did that feel, the first time after some time in the ridiculous bathing suit? Would you go back to swimming wearing a piece of cloth if you had the opportunity to skip it?

We are born naked for a reason

And that reason is nature. Nature doesn’t make clothes, it makes living beings. We invented clothes to stay warm when things get cold. Children understand that just as well as we do and they will act accordingly when they feel like it, not because they know that clothes are the best thing since McDonalds. Oh, wait, maybe they do think that – but I digress.

I for one am glad that ‘our’ children (you know what I mean here, otherwise ask me about it in a comment) have the luck to grow up free and as naked as possible. It shapes them, in their way they perceive not only their own body but also how they see others. They know that nearly no one has a perfect body. They know that naked people aren’t out to rape them.

And I know they will grow up like people with a much healthier mind and view on life than most textile-based lifeforms have.

Mark Twain quote

Thank you, Samuel Langhorne Clemens!

Perhaps the best post ever.

I know, this raises expectations. Be the judge yourself.

A while ago I posted about my neighbour who found out I’m a nudist and that I like to go around naked in my own house. He does not want his daughter and her kids to see me naked. Last week I was changing the bedding. I was naked. It had been very hot (93F) the day before, and the night hadn’t been cool either so I had opened the window and the curtains to air the place. Then I heard kids. I turned and saw two children I had seen before. At the local nude beach. They’re brother and sister, 8 and 10 I think.

Kraayenbergse Plas
Local nude beach

I know them and their parents. The kids recognised me and said they were visiting their grandparents next door with their mother, and they were playing outside on the gallery. Their grandma had told them about my cats (they sit looking out the bedroom window quite often) and the kids asked if they could play with them.

I said that was fine if their mother had no problems with that. They went to ask and mom was fine with it. I was already grinning, because clearly this lady’s parents didn’t know she was a regular at our local nude beach.

The kids came in and asked (!) if they could take off their clothes as well, “because we do that at home too”. Of course, go ahead, but I told them to be careful with the cats; their claws are sharp. The kids had a good time with the cats, I finished the bed and then their mother called at the door. She came in and we had a nice talk. She seems a bit stressed about her parents and them being opposed to anything showing skin more than a finger or a nose. They had told her (actually warned her) about me. She thanked me for allowing the kids be the way they liked to be and then they left.

This encounter still has me laughing. I’ll probably run into the family again at the nude beach and I am not sure if I can keep back my laughter when I see my neighbours again.

Naturism and children

Children in naturism.nudism kids

Always a ‘hot’ subject, because the world loves making a fuss about children and how we can raise them in a safe way.


I entirely agree with that, don’t understand me wrong. Still I want to praise naturism and the children of naturist parents.Instead of being kept away from anything that might resemble nudity, without the imminent threat of child porn and other filth, children of naturists can walk, run and swim in the nude without any fear.

“Children on the beach.”
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, 1908

Children don’t mind being nude. Have you ever seen how many very young children are entirely naked on a beach? And is that a problem for them? Not at all. The ‘problem’ occurs when the parents create it.

Hooray for naturism where children don’t have to deal with that problem all of the time.