More naked authors

Naked authors – part two

Yes, there are more naked authors than the list I showed you earlier.

Anthony Crowley

Anthony CrowleyAnthony Crowley is an award-winning author, poet, actor, photographer and film maker. Anthony has contributed to numerous magazines and anthologies, including official Haunted magazine, Sanitarium magazine, Fear Magazine and Art Decades magazine, Folk Horror Revival: Corpses Roads anthology.  His works have been featured on various known media resources, such as the BBC. His novella the mirrored roomThe Mirrored Room was also a SEMI FINALIST winner at the authorsdB book awards. Anthony has also been featured in anthologies amongst legendary writers like, H.P.Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Hardy and Ramsey Campbell. Anthony has been a naturist for many years and he’s also a proud member of British Naturism. During the cold month of October 2004, Anthony wanted to honour people close to him whom passed away from Cancer, he decided to walk across the Shropshire Hills with nothing more than a pair of shoes on his feet. This present day, Anthony is working on many projects  simultaneously while sitting at his desk as nature intended.

anthonyAnthony is working on a documentary film called ‘Nude Britannia’ and the poetry/photo book ‘Tales from the Nymph Garden’ which will be naturist related side projects.

If you want to know more about Anthony, you can stalk him on Twitter and Facebook. 😉

Ted Bun

TedBorn in 1956, Ted discovered naturism in 2004, during a trip to the island of Menorca. After some travelling he discovered the South of France. With his wife he moved there to open a welcoming home for naturist visitors (it’s called L’Olivette) and in the quiet season he discovered he was coming up with stories. Since then he’s been writing, and welcoming naturists from around the world to their home. It’s quite a change from his previous job, being engaged in IT projects, but they have decided that this is what they really want to do. And who could blame them? Ted’s work consists of police/detective stories with – of course – a naturist twist. You can find his work in the naturist’s library.


Naked authors

Naked writing

naked writing

Yes. I’m coming back to writing. I enjoy writing. The list of books I’ve written so far might have given that away. I like writing in the nude most of all because that allows for uninhibited writing. I am convinced that other naked writers agree with me. It might not surprise you that more writers like (or liked, because some of them aren’t among us any more) to be naked while acting out their imagination and committing that to people.

The famous ones

(and there might be a few surprises in here for you).

Victor Hugo. The famous author of great works like Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. At one point he ran into writer’s block and came up with the brilliant scheme to have his clothes taken away so he had nothing else to focus on than his writing. No clothes to fidget with. All he had to do was sit. And write. Naked.


Ernest Hemingway.

The author of Farewell to Arms also bid a farewell to his clothing. I haven’t found any proper confirmation of this but it’s rumoured that he wrote naked, standing up.  Nudism ran in the Hemingway family. Ernest’s cousin Edward opened England’s oldest nudist resort (then still called colony.)


D.H. Lawrence.

Remember him? He wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Apparently he liked to climb trees in the nude and ponder what he was going to write about, before coming down and do his actual writing. I like that approach and would love to try it. Might be difficult to find trees away from people, but who knows…


James Whitcomb Riley.

James Whitcomb made his friends lock him up in a room, alone and naked, so he would write instead of popping down to the bar for a drink. Always good when you can count on your friends. I guess they had his drinks for him. 😉


Edmond Rostand, from France.

He was constantly interrupted by his friends and he was annoyed by that. Because of that he took up working naked in his bathtub. It might be hard to believe but his greatest work, Cyrano de Bergerac, was indeed written in a bathtub…


Now here might be a familiar face and a surprise to many: Benjamin Franklin. He too liked to write, and he too often retreated to his bathtub for that.

But not only did he write in his bathtub. He also liked to sit naked in a cold room where he would write without being disturbed.


And here’s the last famous naked author. Agatha Christy, the woman whose work has only been outsold by William Shakespeare. She too liked writing in the bathtub.

Who would have thought that Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple perhaps began their life in a bath?

The less famous ones

The writerYou probably know this one. Author of the Naked Crow series, Mirror Earth and so forth.

Writing in the nude is the best, freeing thing possible for me. I would live my life nude if I could – there’s just this every day life bit that gets in the way of it.

Let me be nude and I’m happy. Let me write in the nude and I’m ecstatic!


co-ed naked philosophyWill Forest. Another not yet very famous author who writes in the nude. If you have not heard of him before then you have now. To the right you see the cover of his book Co-ed Naked Philosophy which I have read and enjoyed tremendously.

Will is very engaged in the naturist way of life. Not only does he write in the nude about naked people, he also maintains a weblog. I don’t know if he writes in the bathtub.


Wallace GreensageWallace Greensage might be an author you have not heard of yet. This could be entirely true as he released his first naturist novel, “Who is this naked lady? (And what have they done with my wife?” only a short time ago.

I haven’t finished this book yet but I can say that it is a very promising start to what I can hope is a good writing career!

That’s the list for now

This list isn’t complete and I didn’t mean to make it an extensive one. Let me end this long post by wishing you lots of reading pleasure. If you know of other naked writers, please let me know. Maybe this can be compiled into an impressive list and tool for naturist readers who are looking for more books in our specific genre.


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