Are naturists the real freethinkers?

I’ve been pondering this. In a world where you find promotion to be the same, beautiful, following the same screams of fashion and think the same thoughts, it takes a lot of guts to step out of the defined order.

As long as everyone is the same, do all they can to ‘fit in’ so they are part of the collective, there is a good handle for ‘higher up’ to get and keep control on the people. It’s where people become sheeple, all in the same colour of wool, and all saying beeehhh to the same tune.

They are part of the Borg collective, so to speak, all in the same hive, all under control of the Borg Queen.


And then there are these people who don’t conform to that all the time. Who take off their clothes and are naked among each other. Everyone in their own skin, colour, size, shape. Scratched and scarred, yes, but also honest about their appearance. Beautiful in their own way

Is it strange that The Thinker by Rodin (pictured here) is naked as well?

Naturists don’t always feel the need to fit in. They step out of the defined borders of ‘normal decency’ to keep their bodies covered all the time, preferably in the prescribed colours and fabrics of a lower Borg Commander.

That is why I wonder… are naturists the real freethinkers?