Barefoot makes me feel more naked.

I’m a home nudist. I like to go around naked in my own house. It’s a good feeling. The only thing I used to wear were slippers. A few days ago somehow I forgot to put them on and walked around barefoot. Then the realisation hit me: I feel more naked when I walk barefoot.

I was astonished about this and tried them on and off a few more times, each time reaching the same conclusion: barefoot feels more naked. I’ve given this some thought. The only reason for that feeling that I can find is that walking barefoot puts me in contact with the world. (As this is the floor of my home I can’t really say nature). Walking on slippers means I feel the same thing everywhere. Walking around barefoot makes me feel different things in different places. Maybe there’s more to it than I understand now. I wonder if any of you have experienced the same thing, so I’m looking forward to your comments on this!