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  1. we are a couple , we like correspondence with other naturist
    we are retired teachers , we live in holland !

    1. I come from what is probably the only country in Europe that does not allow public nudity in any shape or form. But I am very interested in nudism and I feel it would be interesting to be able to correspond with a nudist couple and be able to see both the male and female point of view.

    2. Hi Henk,
      WE are also a couple we are both working, my Wife at a school but is not a teacher and Im a joiner.
      I turn 65 later this year and look forward to my retirement. We belong to a sun club called Rotota look it up rotota.gonatural.co.nz its a very unique place 13 hectares of land on a lake edge with a geothermal hot stream that has 2 hot pools and a small waterfall that you can get under for the most amazing massage. We have a current membership of 225 some from as far as Germany. Rotota has no services all power is solar mostly for lighting, showers are heated by gas and toilets are composting. We are a 40 minute drive so we spend a lot of our summer there.
      We would be happy to correspond with you sorry I dont speak Dutch the words I know you wouldn’t want to hear.

  2. Hello , nice to meet you !
    we like correspondence , you have pictures or video ?
    we have Skype , pictures , video .
    We are retired teachers , we travel and have many hobby’s ,
    art , poetry , painting , street-art photography , travel .
    you are welcome with your pictures ,
    greetings , Henk and Karin .

    1. Hi Henk and Karin,
      It would be good if I could send you my email address, I dont think it will be published on this page. But here goes ( paulsparke@ymail.com ) If that fails ( Paul Sparke cabinetmakers Rotorua New Zealand ) should give you a contact.
      Our hobby’s are our time at Rotota time at our beach home, fishing, walking it used to be running but now we have to walk, my main sport was scuba diving but dont do it very often now. We also like to travel and have been to Europe, UK, Thailand, China, Australia and a few of the Pacific Islands, in the last few years my business has been a little slow and we have only been to Australia to visit family. It would be good to hear from you again.
      Paul and Beth

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