Nude beaches and cameras

I suddenly wonder about something. Nude beaches (and other places where naked people like to gather) and cameras. We all know the ever-present smartphones and they all have cameras. Cameras that aren’t always welcome at nude hangouts. After all you don’t want to have just anyone take your picture and put it on some porn site where others ogle you and have their pity little pleasure.

On the other hand however, cameras can be put to good use. At times I read of people complaining that they are harassed and stared at by unreal nudists. Such ‘nudists’ probably make a habit out of that.

Nudist beach
Enjoying the beach unhindered.

Suppose now that you are there, seeing people who’re making a pest of themselves. Perhaps even for so umpteenth time. Wouldn’t a camera be a great deterrent when you point it at them and snap their picture? You can show it around and let others know about those predators so they can be spotted easily?

That way we, the real nudists and naturists, can enjoy our beaches and resorts without having to be suspicious about folks who seem to have dubious intents…


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