The local nude beach

The local nude beach is rather small and also very well hidden. It takes some knowledge to get there.

Drive to the little town of Linden and follow the main road (Kerkstraat). After passing the pancake house turn right on the Hardweg. Note: there’s a bridge to cross and oncoming traffic has right of way. Follow that road and at the end turn left onto Lommersstraat. This is a very narrow road. After about 1.5km/1mile there’s a tiny parking on the left. Drive too fast and you’ll miss it:

Entrance to the parking lot
The parking lot itself

After parking the car, you proceed on the bike path and turn right. From there you follow the path for about 650 metres/2000ft. Then you’re getting close:

Entrance to the nude beach

The sign closer up:

Naturist beach. Access from sunrise until sunset. No dogs or camping allowed. Call the number of the city council for more information. Note that you are allowed to take your bike onto the beach.

Additional info from (pictures of the area there too): For now this area is designated a nude beach. There is only a grass area, no sand beach. There are no facilities present apart from trash cans. You can reach the water in two spots, but beware that it gets deep very quickly. Also swimming shoes are recommended because of the pebbles. Boats are allowed near, but have to stay at least 20mtr/600ft away from the shore.
Unfortunately on the Naakstrandje guestbook for the beach there are several complaints about men going there just to watch and pleasure themselves.

Some more info about this nude beach on NFN.NL (page in English). Note that the address listed there is a farm which is not exactly close to the actual parking lot.

The GPS coordinates for this beach are: 51.7478200, 5.8015500.

Route photo
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A Google maps image from the area:

The red trail is possible by car or bycicle, the blue trail is cycle- and footpath. The end of the blue trail is where you can enter the nude beach.

One thought on “The local nude beach”

  1. heel erg bedankt en proficiat voor uw site.
    De bedacht naakt wandelen Naturlux is interessant, zeer actief, maar moeilijk en gevaarlijk voor organisatoren zuiden van België.
    Voor mij its gemakelijk te schrijven in engels.

    I visited (swimming, sunning) the most of your naked beaches in NL en also in the Jutland of DK.
    Leaving in the french part of Belgium, I discovered with mij wife, the sympathetic Nude – FKK – naturist beaches from Amsterdam to the Belgian coast.


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