6 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist, June 31st 2022”

    1. That’s a great page, Don. Sorry for not letting this through for a while, I’ve been ill (still am a little but getting better).
      I also think that naturism isn’t a passive, sit-around lifestyle. Life isn’t like that. I clean, wash windows, cook food in the nude as well. This picture, and your page, show that.
      Keep it up!

      Thank you for this precious contribution, Don!

  1. This is probably my favorite photos that shows how nudity can blend with everyday chores. For the past few years I have included it in our club’s website along with some more tame photos about nudity around the home.

      1. I really hope you are feeling better now, Paul. It is a real bummer to not have the energy or interest to maintain your lifestyle.
        I really appreciate your efforts keeping this site current and timely and hope you continue to do so.

        1. Thank you muchly, Don. I appreciate it. I’m doing a lot better already, glad to report.
          And I’m not about to stop maintaining the site. I love this place as it’s become an online safe haven for people, I’ve found, and after so many years it would be a waste to dump it.

          Have a good weekend!

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