Nude on Earth.

Nude in Space

Some of you may remember this book.

Nude in Space. A story that tells about a world that’s heating up and becoming unbearable to live in, unless you go naked or when you live in a sealed, cooled dome that adds to the heating of that same world.

A few days ago I read that soon the world’s population will hit or pass 8 billion people.

8,000,000,000 humans. Imagine that.

Many, many people with clothes on.
Not 8 billion, but lots of folks.

When is this going to stop? How is this earth going to be able to handle so many people, with needs for housing, food, water and other basic life necessities?

It’s a crazy place that we’re in and it’s about to get worse. And almost all of these people are wearing clothes. While the planet warms up. Which means more people want air conditioners. Which means more need for energy and more heat exhaust. I guess I don’t need to paint the entire picture.

I hadn’t thought that the world from “Nude in Space” would come closer this quickly, but at the rate we’re continuing to breed, that’s going to happen. Many places of the planet are already becoming uninhabitable due to the heat. Because of that, more people will crowd onto the places that are still fine, pushing more heat out, and so creating even more hot spots that, I guess, will just accelerate the speed of bad things to come.

Nude is not rude

Why don’t people come to their senses and accept that going nude is at least some help to face the problem? Sure, it won’t solve everything, but no clothes means less need for air conditioners, and less production and waste of clothes.

Humanity is at a crossroad, and it has been there for a while, slowly moving towards the point of no sustainable return.

I see this happen. And many do so with me. There has to be a way to make ‘the world’ see that nude people aren’t as harmful as all those air conditioners and (heat) pollution producing factories.

If someone knows, or has an idea, I’d love to know.

Be well. Be nude. Be happy.

And be vigilant.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “Nude on Earth.”

  1. My thoughts:

    People for generations have been taught: That the elements of Earth is for them to take.
    That nudity is an invitation to fornicate.
    That fornication with another person is for making children.
    That the populace must protect the sensitivities of others concerning all above.

    Reality: We are part of the Earth so we must protect ourselves by protecting the Earth.
    As an Earth animal, being in our natural state is normal.
    Everything else is an attempt to control us.

    Now, to alter the first set to come to terms of the second set will take generations.

    1. < gold star >
      And the fact we’ll first have to invoke a consciousness change in ‘this generation’ is a bit daunting, considering how rigid the industries have shaped the minds of most people…

  2. Absolutely Spot on @Robert

    Quoting Paul
    > but at the rate we’re continuing to breed, that’s going to happen.

    And this is why more than ever, reproductive rights need to be protected. I have been on birth control since menarche though the particular birth control i have been on has more uses than just protecting against unwanted pregnancies, and the non hormonal (copper) IUD can be wonderful for regulating your cycle. I can say this though, if i had become pregnant and had to have a baby to full term back then…. well The childs life and my life would have been absolutely awful and it would be a completely selfish thing for me to bring a life into this world unprepared and as horrible as this sounds, unwanted.

    I just feel so very lucky not to live in the US right now, here in Australia my rights are protected. Even if a wonderfully utopian world where we’re all vegetarians or vegans, we live in harmony with nature not against her and clothing optional rapidly becomes “clothing only needed when going to freezing places etc” the fact that we’re multiplying exponentially means we have a ticking clock before we destroy ourselves and our world.

    1. Exactly. And for some reason ‘the world’ only sees ‘more consumer, so more profit’ instead of the abyss we’re cruising for.

    1. Impossible, since I was a naturist I don’t like clothes anymore but in winter clothes are essential if you don’t want to die of hypothermia. The problem is not the number of people but the sick lifestyle we are used to, cars that pollute, energy produced from polluting sources, not to mention that over 60% of global pollution is produced by about a few hundred multinationals. This is why in naturism the anti-consumer component is important, if we all consumed less clothes, less superfluous things or things that can be done without, we will live better and we will be less attached to objects. Naturism teaches nudity, but it also teaches many other things about a better and sustainable lifestyle, but it is often mistaken for a synonym for nudism. If people adopted a naturist lifestyle (while not accepting nudity, which would come later, slowly), it would be a big step forward.

    1. Indeed. More and more I’m glad I have no children, purely because of that.
      I am convinced something can still be saved, but the whole world has to act NOW for that to have an effect.

  3. One can tell that there aren’t serious efforts made to respond to the rising temps. I won’t geek out on you all but:
    – Most standard air conditioning calculation formulas still prescribe overcooling so insufficient moisture is taken from the air, resulting in lower temps needing to be set.
    – Evaporative cooling (aka ‘swamp coolers’) are underutilized in areas where temps are high and humidity levels low.
    – ‘Xeriscaping’ is still an exotic concept.
    – Crops that require A LOT of water are still being grown in dry areas.
    – Ethanol is still being made from plants that are both inefficient for that AND require irrigation.
    – Waterless urinals are also an exotic concept… still.
    – Photoelctric solar panels are still not the norm….anywhere.

    This is slowly changing but it’s happening at a snail’s pace like the adoption of LED lightbulbs.

    And of course, we’d all be comfortable at higher temps (thereby reducing the need for air conditioning) if we’d all ditch the unnecessary clothing our puritanical societies cling to…….. But we all know that already 🙂

    1. I had NEVER heard of xeriscaping! Thank you for that.
      It is indeed very sad how slowly the world is acting on the current situation. Especially the companies that get money from it all are doing their best to block it all.

  4. People have been screaming “we will have overpopulation when earth reaches X people” (where X is a few percent over what they had then) for hundreds of years, and always using pretty much the same arguments about “sustainability” and “world famine”.
    So far none of those doomsday predictions have ever come through, and there’s no indication it’s through this time around.
    In fact there’s now more food and other “stuff” per person than there has ever been before, but the Malthusians don’t care, they keep making the same statements every few decades and pushing their treshold back another few decades each time.

    I’m sure there’s a limit at which point things become uncomfortable, and in the dense packed places of Europe and Asia that is coming close simply because we’re packing more and more people into the same small percentage of available land.
    But at the same time entire continents lay fallow and no effort is being made to prepare them for habitation (heck, millions of economic migrants leave Africa each year and go to Europe for the free housing and everything they expect to get in the land of milk and honey, rather than improving that continent).
    And of course no effort is expended at all into exploring and colonising other planets, or space habitats, the technology of both we’re been able to create for decades but haven’t because there’s no political capital to be gained for promoting it.

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