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There is a great initiative going to get kids to camp. And not just any camp, but a nudist camp.

Kids Kamp 2022, Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat
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I heard about this initiative while listening to the New Nudist Podcast.

(You can listen to that episode here.)

First off, and don’t hold this against me, I have nothing with “children”. I never wanted them of my own and I have succeeded in that very well. That being said, I know the value of children, and what they can mean for ‘us’, being humanity.

The podcast is one long interview with Rick Sloan, the person who started Kids Kamp over a decade ago. Don’t be alarmed, it’s a very interesting and informative interview. The things that are talked about all touched me.

  • Nudism / naturism.
  • The health aspect of our lifestyle.
  • The mentioning of a therapist who suggested a family to visit a nudist resort!
  • The opportunity for children to learn and experience something first hand.

Hello, what’s not to like in this line-up? (Yes, of course, there are always things that someone won’t like, but really…)

At the moment of writing, the donations reach $6,785 dollars:

If you listen to the podcast, you will hear that this kind of camp does cost a lot of money. Something that I think is awesome: naturists can sponsor children to have this week of camp. Children from parents who can’t afford this. Doing something like this is paying it forward. It’s putting kids in a safe and healthy environment, smack in the middle of naturists, and they learn some great things too!

What’s not to like? AANR Mid-West is helping out. AANR is helping out. Children who were sponsored to enjoy this week are helping out by volunteering. If you have 1, 5 or 10 dollars to spare, help Rick and Susan with this cause, please.

If you want to make a donation, or visit the GoFundme-page yourself to check it out, you can go here.

Yes. I donated.

Thank you.


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Kids Kamp 2022 – Naturally science”

  1. Totally excellent initiative, especially since many families live sometimes prohibitively far from communities and retreats

    1. I agree. In the podcast they say that, at first, Rick focussed on local kids. Now families come from a thousand miles away to give their kids this opportunity.
      That is why I had to push this out on the blog. It’s awesome and then some.

  2. I just donated as well.A great way to ensure the next generation gets to experience the joy and benefits of naturism.

    1. Awesome, Scott. Thank you, and they’re not even my kids, nor my country.
      I think this initiative is just fabulous and deserves all the support it can get.

  3. Paul, you wrote: “First off, and don’t hold this against me, I have nothing with “children”. I never wanted them of my own and I have succeeded in that very well. ”

    I agree. However on one of my email signatures, I have: “I received a package which included a notice: ‘Warning: to aovid (sic) danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children’, so I do. I also take medication which says on the package ‘Keep away from children’, so I do.”

    Naturally, I suspect you may have the same ‘allergy’ that I have 😉

    1. Hi Mark

      It does appear to be so.
      When I moved from my previous apartment to my current one, the new owner of the old place asked if this was “a child friendly neighbourhood”.
      I said, “Once I have moved, it is.”
      He was a bit surprised.

  4. sorry if I’m partly off topic, but I often hear sexual discrimination in certain naturist structures (or presumed such), I don’t frequent them, I prefer different places, but many naturists complain about sexual discrimination (you are male therefore you cannot enter), criminally prosecutable discrimination in 2022. Having said that the famous theme of “there are not enough women or families in naturism”. I would also add …. but who cares !!!. I play chess every now and then, it is in play where 95% of the players are men, yet no one dreams of excluding a player just because he is male. Why is there this dilemma in naturism? Naturism (just like chess) is practiced for personal pleasure, not to count the number of women or families. Another example?
    Mountaineering !!. The vast majority are men and so what’s the problem. ? I honestly can’t understand why this is a huge problem in naturism. It makes me think that those who apply these absurd discriminations are not there to do healthy naturism but to observe female bodies.

  5. Which then I am absolutely convinced that this talk of “lack of female presence” will only aggravate the “problem” (which for me is not a problem), because it will make many naturists (even genuine ones) look like predators ready to jump on the first naked woman. It sucks !!. Let’s stop raising this NOT issue . It is a problem that no one poses, only in the naturist environment does it arise. Anyone who wants to enjoy naturism should enjoy it, man or woman. Anyone who behaves badly (male or female) is turned away, this should be the only rule.
    I am more and more convinced that I will never go to certain structures.

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