Micky’s Summer Resort

I can already hear you wonder: “What is this?”

“This” is a new naturist film, which comes out on Troma on June 1st (as you may have spotted in the image.


“Micky’s Summer Resort” is a motion picture for young adults curious about living free of society’s obsession with clothing. Set in the fictional “Willow Valley Naturist Resort,” this film tells the story of a Catholic schoolboy, Micky Littleton, who learns a lesson in hypocrisy when he’s hired to be a screener at a nudist resort. Little do the residents know, Micky harbors a dark supernatural secret.

From the official Press Kit

This information was sent to me by Tony Young, who produces the film and made everything happen (with the help of a dedicated team, of course).

From what I saw in the press kit, this is going to be a very entertaining film. It’s mostly aimed at a younger audience, but if you feel young at heart, don’t step away from it.

I, for one, am going to take advantage of the free month on Troma to watch this film (provided they let oversea’s watchers in).

These images are taken from the press kit.

Why make a movie about nudists?

Tony Young: As a storyteller, I feel it’s my obligation to write about my life and the people in it.

Nudism has been a part of my life for over twenty years, and having experienced all the misconceptions and for lack of a better term, “noise” brought about through recurring scandals involving nudism and children, I’d noticed that the actual issues affecting teenagers (including myself when I was that age) is loneliness—feeling shut out by their elders. This is a universal problem for all youths, but in a nudist environment, the metaphor of being truly naked is blatantly obvious.

I hope this post is in any way of interest to everyone who has a warm heart for the arts. There aren’t enough films about naturism and nudism, so please share this information all over the place!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

9 thoughts on “Micky’s Summer Resort”

        1. Because too many people consider nudity to be inherently sexual in nature.
          Combine that with the overly moralistic and prudish nature of current society and there’s your answer.

          It’s getting to the point where short sleeve shirts and pants and skirts cut above the knee) are considered “immoral”…
          Which is way worse from the attitude just a few years ago when I was presented with a corporate dress code that didn’t allow clothing that showed the shoulders and more than a third of the thighs…
          And that of course was already idiotically prudish.

          1. Exactly. The way things are going now are grim.
            The “industry” will also make sure that nudity is connected to sexuality because ‘sex sells’. Nudity that isn’t sexual doesn’t make any turn-over so it’s not interesting.

  1. June the first. My gosh, June is almost upon us already wonder if this was the film the ANF was talking about in their newsletter?

    Great news!

      1. Yep and its the one above. Naturally its now june the first here but not the proper the first yet 😀

        1. actually nope, different one with a similar feel and has not come out yet my mistake. This one though is from 2014 apparently, little bit confusing but its all good!

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