Memento Mori

You’ve probably heard or read that one before. Memento Mori. I was surprised to find something unexpected when I looked for an image for this.

Memento Mori
Remember, you can die.

Almost always this is depicted with a skull. Perhaps a common thing in the US, but not in the Netherlands, where I reside. Ah well, learnt something new today.

A few days ago I heard a podcast about Memento Mori. A good one, explaining that this is not a warning but a reminder. A reminder that we will all die someday, and therefore we shouldn’t postpone things until later – because later may never come.

The podcast speaker (presenter?) also said that Memento Mori is the opposibe of the oh-so-beloved bucket list, the list with things people want to do later.

Why wait? Why not do it now, because now you’re alive and able to do it – and remember doing it. And perhaps up to doing it again.

If there’s a nude beach you want to visit and you have the option now, do it. If there’s a nude resort you plan on visiting, do it now. (I can recommend the Mighty Oaks, the staff there is great! 😉 )

Body paint magic

Listening to this podcast I realised that there are 2 lives. 1 that keeps you alive (as in gets the food, the rent paid, and stuff like that) and 1 that you need to fulfill as much as you can when you can. The life that you want to live now. The body painting, the nude events, the naked bike rides, the nude swims.

Putting them off to a time that may never come is a sad thing. And trust me (or not, up to you), once you’ve done all those things, you won’t end up with nothing left to do, because each event, each happening will open a new door, new options to do and try too.

I think this is part of the magic we can create for ourselves and each other. Create options and events, and invite others. Together the magic is even bigger. And don’t put them on the bucket list. Put them on the list of things done, the list you can look at with pride.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Memento Mori”

  1. your last paragraph is, of course, my favorite. and a larger credit card limit will help me get to your next event 🙂

  2. I’ve become very aware of this in the past few years. Pretty much everything connected with my First Life (that keeps me alive: food, rent, etc) moves much slower than it used to. The simplest things are multi step events take thrice the time and energy they did even 5 years ago. Far more often than not, being more diligent (i.e. spending more time & energy) on First Life tasks fails to yield any result at all.

    So I’ve switched gears. I do my part and document it so nobody can claim otherwise at some future date. Regardless of any negative outcome, I’m blameless. Once I’ve emailed the requested document (for example) it’s out of my hands. I cannot affect whatever happens or fails to happen after I’ve hit ‘send’. I just have to keep reminding myself of that fact.

    My concern is now my Second Life: Friends, family, and as much nudity as possible. First step: Retire from the city with which I have a bit over 23 years of service. Wish me luck.

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