Clothes and the fear.

For fun I post a quote on Twitter every day. Or at least almost every day.

A few days ago it was:

I wonder who wears the pants in a house full of nudists…

A clever reaction was:

Obviously metaphorical ones

To which I added:

Yes! Facebook (Meta) for clothes! Considering how allergic they are to nudity when it’s not porn.

facebook censorship

I thought it a funny pun on Meta-forical. Then I thought: what if this is true? What if they are so tight-assed about nudity out of fear? Their rules are impenetrable if it comes to nude things. They even remove images of naked statues, after all.

As long as they, and many other equally anal retentive organisations keep this fear-pressure going, they got you. (Oh, right, the latest edition of WordPress will not let me type quotation marks, so that is why you see none in this post.)

Their interpretation of a safe environment is so far away from reality in some ways that it is laughable, if it were not so sad.

For that reason I am very happy that Twitter, for now, is not such a place. Nor is MeWe. Even the Diaspora network is very cool with nudity, as long as you mark posts with the #nsfw tag. That will sort of hide the posts for people who do not want to see them.

Clearly not safe for work. But it depends on your job, right?

Fear is a powerful tool for places. As long as they can keep someone in their fear, by making someone feel stronger or better because s/he is not like that, they got them.

It is a sad thing that setting up a decent naturist social medium is a lot of work, and probably also quite an investment. This because most people are used to social media being free, so they will (probably) expect that from a naturist social medium as well. I only know of one such place, and that is Yes, I have an account there, but the last time I was there, I found that the place was becoming more sexual than naturist. Perhaps that has changed since then, but I did not have the time (and often also no energy) to go there and check things out. Perhaps over the weekend, who knows.

Do you know nudist-friendly social media? Maybe you can help kindred spirits to find a safe place to be.

Which, of course, takes naturism and nudity to the old places. Secret places, behind (digital) fences. The places from where we want to escape.

It is a difficult thing, right? How do you feel about this?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “Clothes and the fear.”

  1. Problem is that the instant they allow nudity they will be overwhelmed with the sexual stuff. Impossible for a bot to tell the difference, too expensive to hire to hire the tens of thousands it would take to monitor billions of posts daily. Even if you did, “sexual” is an opinion and they would go by majority opinion.

    Untill the general public changes, FB and the big social platform won’t change either.

  2. I agree Naturist Hub has been awesome. I feel safe there as a naturist. You can join by becoming an AANR member or by invitation.

    1. Many would wait for an invitation then. I for one wouldn’t become a member of AANR, I’m not American. 😉
      (Am a member of the Dutch naturist federation of course!)

      Thank you for your comment, Peter.

  3. Had the same experience with naktiv. Most posts seemed to be about swinger clubs, happy ending saunas, and things like that.

    Never went back there. And likewise on most supposedly naturist websites and organisations I’ve come across, sadly.
    It’s one reason I’ve never joined a naturist club or group, they either seem to be highly sexualised or won’t allow single men “because they’re all perverts”.

    And I’m starting to fear for the NFN as well, given that shortly before covid they published an article about how children should be kept away from naturist places because of all the pedophiles hanging out there…

    1. Thank you for saving me the effort of going back to naktiv and check.
      It’s indeed getting too crazy. NFN should definitely be more open and trusting. Naturists can look after their own kids…

  4. for the very reason that so many naturist and nudist communities online seem to lean towards the sexual or even try to profit off it for non-naturists i would find trusting any of them rather difficult. I am blessed to be part of a large-ish private community of a few hundred people and since my Da & i joined there has only been two instances of negative behaviour. Two, in nine years, which is awesome! but the sad part is that its closed to outsiders and members can not “vouch” for new people which sux but, its nice to have a safe space without any restrictions. I can say though if you’re southern hemisphere inclined and just want a support group of like minded naturists/nudists, the ANF is a very good starting place ( but even here in australia there are a few bad actors but thankfully they’re easy to spot.

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