Naturism and the cold stuff

People in the snow
Folks having fun in the white stuff.

First off, let me tell you that I am not one to like snow, ice and other cold things, unless they come in a glass when the weather is very nice.

I used to be different. Cold wouldn’t affect me that much, some 15 to 20 years ago. But time passes, the body changes and heat requirements change with it.

It was a very cold day today. It also was a very cold day yesterday. -2C yesterday, +1C today. (Fahrenheit lovers, do your math.) Some of you will laugh and tell me that -2C isn’t cold. -25C is cold, or -54C is cold. You’re all correct, that is cold.

-2C and +1C is cold for me, and I’m the one writing this blog, so keep on reading, if only for entertainment purposes.

White stuff

That being said, there is a kind of white stuff that I like. My friend, Al Yankovic, actually made a song about it.

The White Stuff.

For now, that is almost as far as I go with white stuff – unless I forget something, which is quite possible. I got the booster vaccination yesterday, and since around 2pm (14:00) I started feeling a bit beside myself.

Another white stuff I appreciate is the top of waves as they come in from the sea or the ocean. Again, the best way to enjoy those is when the temperature is nice and the water inviting.

What are your favourite things to do in the snow and on the ice? I guess you can figure out mine. 🙂

Author: Paul

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5 thoughts on “Naturism and the cold stuff”

  1. Yes, you’re right about changes in the body. Until the fall of 2015 I’d’ve joined these guys. However in the fall of 2015 I had my mitral valve replaced. Aside from adding years to my life, according to my surgeon, “By the time you hit one year post-op you’ll feel 10 years younger.” ….. Ha. Ha. I’m now 6 years post-op and that rejuvenation has yet to start. I’ve given up expecting it to happen.

    One of the side effects is extreme sensitivity to cold. Once it gets below about 6C/43F I have to wear long johns (aka long underwear). One the brighter side. I’ve discovered there ARE long johns suitable for a romantic encounter! So any kind of winter outdoor activities requires multiple layers that would’ve given me heatstroke pre-op. Even then my tolerance is low so I try to stay indoors as much as possible in cold weather.

  2. I love to be fully naked, but unfortunately I very easily get a cold so I have to take care.
    And yes, I like the white stuff.

  3. when i was little so like below the age of five i was hyper sensitive to cold and apparently hated cold, even getting into hypothermia territory in a paddling pool and now i can be happily nude outdoors in the depths of our (albeit not as cold as some) aussie mountain winters. The human body is very variable and maybe one day my love for cold will go but for now, theres nothing better : )

    A few years back when we had a proper blizzard and the storm had subsided i made some back and front snow angels (the front one was funny, i am sure you can guess why!) but honestly, my favourite winter naturist activity is to wait for snow, get my dad to stoke up a blisteringly hot fire and have all our doors and windows open to make the house like a freezer. The fire and cold combination is surreal, primal almost*

    (*i would not do this if we lived in wisconsin or winnipeg for example lol)

    1. I can imagine a snow angel with holes in the back hahahaha!!

      Someone I know online is in Winnipeg. Smart not to do things like that there. The cold there is VERY cold.

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