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First off: I am not a ‘gamer’. I’ve tried to play video games a few times and they confuse me, annoy me, bore me and whatever me. I’ve found that some that look interesting are impossible for me to try because they depend on colour a lot. Being colour blind doesn’t make that a big pile of laughs, but I’ve lived without games for over 60 years. I’ll survive the next 60 without them as well.


What I’m wondering about, with the weather in the Northern hemisphere going south (insert laughter again), is two-fold.

Do naturists play games in the nude? And also, are there games that show actual nude characters (without going into the porn sector of things, obviously).

Nude gaming

This sort of answers my first question, and I’m not really surprised. Of course naturists will game naturist-style if they can. As far as video games and board games goes, there’s no limit to what can be done. Almost anything done dressed can be done even better in the nude.

Which gets me to part two of this post, and that’s where I will need your help, dear reader. (You are reading this naked, aren’t you? πŸ˜‰ )

Are there naturist games? Games with naturists in them?

Nudity in games
“Gods of War”

It seems that there are plenty of games that show nudity. There are even people who think there is too much nudity in some games. Now, I doubt this is the kind of nudity I’m thinking of.

So that is why I ask you, here, in all honesty.

Do games with a naturist setting exist? Seriously, I don’t ask this for me. As I already said, I’m not into games. I’m a writer. But I bet there are lots of naturists, nudist, nakists and other -ists out there that would appreciate one or more video games that are in favour of their (our) lifestyle.

Researching this as I write this article, I suddenly came upon this site. PCGamer actually has an article about “Metal Gear for nudists: free action game Sabotage”. The article links to from where there is another link to where you can play the (old fashioned looking, atari-style) game online!

Nudist video game
Screenshot of the online game ‘Sabotage’

It even has the old-fashioned game computer sounds.

Such fun, I hope this makes someone happy. And if you know of other nudist-friendly games, please share them in the comments, for others to enjoy!

Stay safe, stay naked!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

11 thoughts on “The games people play”

  1. I’m 53 and my brother (not a naturist) is 50, and we’ve been gaming since PCs came out. We started with Commodore and Atari. As an older gamer, I’ve discovered what studies have shown, gaming helps to keep the mind active and young.

    Anyway, to answer your questions… Yes, I sometimes game nude. I’d do it as a norm if I could. Unfortunately, my wife and family wouldn’t appreciate it.

    Yes, there are games with nudity in them. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specifically naturist and I believe all of them treat nudity as sexual or at least as titillating.

    Part of the problem is that games have ratings and since most games are geared towards young people, game makers don’t want their games marked X-rated and possibly banned or at least shunned. It’s the same reason you don’t see more nudity on TV.

    As a software developer myself, I’ve often thought about developing a naturist game or at least one that has non-sexual nudity in it. Unfortunately, it’s too much work for one developer and I am sure I could create something that someone would want to play.

    1. Thank you for your elaborate and clear reaction, Greg.
      Yes, it would be good to have more games like that, so people get used to nudity not being sexual. If they would try them.
      Keep gaming!

    2. similar here.

      Games that show non-sexual nudity are few and far between, though skimpy clothing is quite common.
      And often I deliberately choose those styles to get as close to nudity as possible, and to piss off the moralists πŸ™‚

      I’m also pretty active in Second Life, where nudity is definitely possible in both sexual and non-sexual ways and allowed by the TOS in most of the world.

      Personally, I’m not a fan of things labelled explicitly “nudist” or “naturist”. Books like that are often stunted, rigidly unrealistic in their story lines, etc. etc. and games would be much the same.
      What’d be the point of a “naturist game” anyway? Convincing people to become naturists? Which is pretty much the entirety of the story of most “naturist books”?
      And most things with nude characters would quickly either turn into oversexed teens using it to jerk off on, or be no different from any other game except the characters are naked.
      The naked mod for the old Tomb Raider game comes to mind πŸ™‚

      1. All programming depends on the skill of the developer(s) and resources available to them. I don’t think it would be any harder than any other programming but it would likely be more involved. For instance, when you create an RPG, you would involve artists, animators, voice actors, writers who can write compelling stories, choreographers, and other non-developer roles. When you look at the credits on the RPG games you’ll see that many people are involved. Simpler games could be a one man show or close, but even they may require some of these other roles.

      2. All software engineering takes a mix of competences and specialist skills, game programming is different there mostly because there’s more skills involved that aren’t directly related to software engineering.
        Graphics, level design, human interaction experts, etc. tend to be more important than the actual programmers more often than not (especially after the first work of creating or adapting a game engine has been completed, and most studios either use one they have already or buy one from a specialist company).

        That makes it harder if you’re a programmer as programmers tend to not be the best at those things. But that’s why you have teams of course.

  2. “I am not a β€˜gamer’. I’ve tried to play video games a few times and they confuse me, annoy me, bore me and whatever me.”
    People have tried to explain them to me……. It’s always the same…. and I mean 100% of the time. All of it is way, way too fast and it goes right over my head. People insist they’re slowing down for me yet I rarely notice a decrease in speed.

    The only thing I’ve noticed/figured out is that some sort of seismic shift took place in the 70’s/80’s. I’m 58 and friends within a year or two of me grew up in a totally different world than those 4 or 5 years younger. Those of us who’re 56-60 seem to have grown up in a higher tech version of the world guys 66-70 grew up in. What was new & exotic for them: window a/c units, color tv, automatic choke for your car, etc. was more commonplace for us but it was the SAME STUFF. Silly example: I got my Bachelor’s Degree without ever having encountered a computer aside from a mainframe for stats class.

    Nearly everybody I know 5 years younger than I had computer classes in high school. Video games were ubiquitous whereas they were completely absent from my life. My point is that those 5 years younger grew up with this entire corpus of knowledge that my contemporaries & I missed completely.

    Social media? Well….. most of it baffles me completely. Honestly, I find myself wondering how so many people have the discretionary time and energy to devote to that sort of thing. I certainly don’t.

    Social media? Gaming? I look at them sort of the same way I look at flying a plane: Something I’d love to learn if I woke up one morning independently wealthy and never had to work again.

  3. I play videogames and will be 72 soon. I play nude if the house is warm enough (I live in Hawaii) but I bundle up when the temperature drops (our houses don’t have heating).

    I worked as a software developer, but not on videogames. Still, I am interested in seeing the design choices that game developers make, and I am continually surprised by how well many games run given the complexity they harbor.

    I guess I don’t see the point of games with a naturist setting because sensations like the sun, the rain, and the freedom from confinement cannot be sensed through a videogame’s interfaces. The friendliness of fellow nudists cannot be expressed, either. Just thinking out loud, I can’t think of a motivation for a game that works in a naturist setting but not in a non-naturist one.

    1. Hello Gerry,
      Those are excellent points that I hadn’t even considered. Which probably is because I don’t play any video games etc.
      Thank you for this input!

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