Nudies down under

You may have guessed it. This post attempts to put the spotlight on naturism in Australia, and perhaps also New Zealand. Let’s see how far I can drag this out. 😉

Without a doubt, naturism is popular enough in Australia. There are plenty of Australian websites dedicated to naturism, there’s an Australian nudist podcast called The Naked Nerd, and on all the social media that allow nudity (i.e. Twitter and Mewe) you can find lots of naturists from down under as well.

As we all know, Australia has its special charms, in the form of creepy crawlies. Getting naked there requires some additional attention for those creatures, I would assume. Note that I’ve never been to Australia, so I have to rely on the tales of eye witnesses and other experience-experts.

Naturism in Australia is popular enough for its own magazine: TAN Magazine.

TAN magazine

I’ve scanned their website for a bit and I found lots of interesting articles there, for instance about problems with naturism vs. your loved ones, something on art, naturist communities like the Townsville Naturist Community, and much more. I was actually pleasantly surprised about this magazine!

Australia also has a Naked Gardening Day:

“Grin and Bare It” isn’t just about that though, it’s an extensive series of videos, well made (I watched a few) and ‘safe’ enough to be hosted on Youtube. It’s worth having a look.

And, of course, Australia has its own Naturist Federation. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Australian Naturist Federation

For more information on Australian naturism, please head over to the website of the Australian Naturist Federation.

And if you want to dive right in, follow this link to a site that lists the seven best nudist beaches in Australia.

(Sorry, New Zealand. Maybe next time…)

Author: Paul

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2 thoughts on “Nudies down under”

  1. the ANF is awesome 🙂 sadly there are some communities/communes/retreats here in Aus that are less-than-reputable and should be avoided but thats true for everywhere methinks! The groups i am in either by myself or with family are more cliques; closed sort of communities and i can tell ya, there are plenty of more beaches, bays and inlets (hidden and open) that are naturist hotspots, though some take some hikin’/paddling/abseiling!! : )

    we’re a different bunch here down south to the communities in the north, theres a whole rivalry thing between QLD and NSW in lotsa stuff and that’s true with naturism too! to be fair though it seems many a naturist has a love for warmer climates or more humid climates (where clothing should be optional by law coz of the heat!!!)

    Thank you for highlighting us way down here in soon-to-be-summer-land!

    1. My pleasure. It is not an extensive post. I don’t have much time to investigate it all, or to fly over for a bit and get to know the Australian naturist community, so this has to do.

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