The Sunday Noon Nudist series

Maybe you caught one or two images in the Sunday Noon Nudist series if you’re a frequent flyer on weblines. I’ve been posting these images since 2012 or 2013; I’m not even sure when it started. There are over 400 of them by now and…

I’m running out of images.

Before I start ‘recycling’ the images, there’s a question or two I’d like to throw at you.

question mark man
  • Should I indeed reuse the older images? I’m okay with that, but I’m more in favour of fresh content than digging up the old stuff, unless the old stuff is very good.
  • Should I find a new source of Sunday Nude things? Like artwork? There are plenty of sculptures, paintings etc to draw from, but they might not really fit the naturist label.
  • Would people be up to sending me their own images? I know this is a tricky topic, most people feel their pictures are theirs and theirs alone, which I can understand. Not everyone likes their face and other body parts out there on the interwebz for all to see.
nude butts
Sunday Nudist image from eight years ago

I understand that many people enjoy the Sunday Noon Nudist tradition, but when the sources dry up, there’s something I have to do. So I’m asking you, the visitors of the site, for ideas. I’m putting this thing together, but you have to suffer the ‘consequences’ of those actions, so I thought I’d try something resembling democracy.

It might be clear that my dictatorial voice has the final say, but let’s pretend for a while, okay? Just like real politics. 😉

I’m looking forward to your ideas, thoughts and suggestions!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Noon Nudist series”

  1. tap tap tap, is this still working? hehe, good! the spam bot is a wee bit sensitive methinks!

    Art still sort of fits it though what would be even better is if it was art by naturists/nudists either depicting their life or themselves or maybe what inspires them? there’s no harm in reusing old stuff and since you have done a bazillion posts, you can not be expected to find new things every time!

    i’d love to be a feature at some point on a post, just gotta wait a little bit is all so there’s no potential drama. The naturist community understands this annoyance but, until we live in a more tolerant and more importantly, safe world, we kinda have to abide it.

    I think most of your loyal readers would probably be happy with whatever you choose to do, whatever direction you wish to take, you know? hehe that’s probably a bit of a non-answer but…its true!

  2. Hmmm… I would not be averse to contributing.

    One improvement would be if you could link back to the originating source of a photo. I find myself wanting to know more background on a picture and run into a dead end.

  3. I’m happy with you recycling old material – I may have missed it, or want to see it again. No, you won’t see pictures – not even one – of me!

  4. I’d go back to your first year of pics, mix up the order and post them for a year, the repeat with the following years’ pics.

    My own pics? I’ve a couple I might send. I’d have to find where they’re stored, tough. I’m less concerned with being seen than I am with there being a ‘paper trail’. Don’t know if that makes any sense.

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