Do you feel healthy?

Yes. Serious question. I know not everyone is totally, entirely, 100% healthy, but as far as you can be, do you feel healthy?

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Healthy people having fun

If you can state that you feel healthy to a degree, how much do you think a nude lifestyle contributed or contributes to that?

Is it a little? A lot?

I ask this, because everywhere one can read about the health benefits of naturism and nudism, and through this post I would like to get a feeling about how true such statements are. Health, after all, is one of the most important ‘goods’ we can have.


There are people who sacrifice their health for their work, and then they spend most of their fortune to get their health back. Which won’t happen, I’m

convinced of that. Money goes a long way, but not all the way. What got ruined can’t be fixed by medication or surgery. It will always be more or less a shadow of what a person could have been.

Skin, air and sun

Those are a good mix, as far as any lifestyle goes. That’s proven. More and more people seem to avoid that though, which, given COVID-19, is kind of understandable, but social distancing isn’t the same as becoming a hermit in one’s own house. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the outside without being packed on top of each other. Sensible people know that.

I, for one, am convinced that my nude life has made me a healthier person. I don’t need to be in the sunlight 24/7 (imagine the amount of travel that would take!) but some sunlight, some air, and all of that on all the skin, is wonderful.

Do you feel the same?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Do you feel healthy?”

  1. Interesting question. I’d say it’s a definite stress reducer. Certainly the events of the past 18 months would’ve been more easily handled had I been able to continue my usual nude activities.

    Some steady (in small doses) sun exposure would’ve helped my skin and improved my mood.

    So I guess I’ll vote yes. It was a beneficial effect on one’s health.

    1. Hello Anton

      Thank you for your reaction. And good to see that at least 1 person, who saw this post, actually agrees that it’s healthy.
      I had to ask this question. Every naturist calls out how healthy it is, but you’re the first one who agrees to that here.
      Isn’t that interesting?
      Stay healthy, my friend.

      1. Stress reduction is probably the single largest health benefit to social nudism.

        I think of stress as gasoline. Left alone it won’t start anything, but add it to a tiny flame and next thing you know you’ve got a conflagration on your hands!

        And isn’t social nudism itself stress reducing?

  2. > If you can state that you feel healthy to a degree, how much do you think a nude lifestyle contributed or contributes to that? Is it a little? A lot?

    hard to answer without being obviously biased but if you take that into consideration, i would say not “a lot”, i’d say a HUGE amount.

    Aside from an exceptionally rare blood condition which thanks to surgery is hopefully gonna stay away forever (touch wood!) and a brush with covid, my health is miles above my non nudist friends as well as my sleep, my fitness, mental clarity and skin especially my face (but that has to do with eschewing makeup) and one of my friends who is a happy convert to naturism is going to find out the same benefits as well.. My resting heart rate made my surgeon amazed, and nose breathing (at least much as possible during the day, still working on it at night) with all its benefits comes from being exposed to proper air… maybe that’s where the old fashioned saying “take the air, or get some air” came from.. or maybe they were escaping all of the cigar smoking and stuff or general unpleasant odours of the time back a hundred years ago or so!

    Its not just a little difference, its massive! maybe this was a hypothetical because you go on to talk about all the benefits Paul, but yeah : )

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