Cloth Vader. The dark side of clothing

You probably know this gentleman. Darth Vader. Seeing his clothing, I doubt that he was aware of the idea that being naked can be a relief.

However… his mental attitude was mostly a bad one during the series.

In an older blog post I already talked about the way that the fashion industry is a big bad player in the pollution ‘industry’.

The whole affair is taking a step in an even worse direction: climate change and the heating up of areas. The whole pollution part must have an effect on the climate, with all the mess that’s put into the ground and the water. But the all-hallowed clothes have an effect on air conditioner sales as well. I am convinced of that. And air conditioners have a few bad sides:

  • They consume energy which has to be created, which in turn will add to the heat that is already in the atmosphere. (Hello America and Canada, heat domes?)
  • Air conditioners produce a lot of heat as well, which is conveniently blown into the atmosphere. (Heat dome revisited.)

I really wonder how much difference there would be if more people were to strip off their Cloth Vader and thus reduce part of the need for air conditioning. Yes, part of it, because I’m not stupid. Temperatures that go up to 45 and 50 degrees Celsius (113 – 125 F) or more aren’t for humans, no matter how nude they are.

Naked people nude beach

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Cloth Vader. The dark side of clothing”

  1. Yes, at our house my wife and daughter wear clothes even when it is hot, but then complain about feeling too hot. When the inside temperature rises to 80 F , I hear the chorus of “We want air conditioning! “. When I suggest taking off clothes, they just laugh.
    But air conditioning has a negative impact on the planet’s climate. See the article: increased carbon and heat emissions are just part of the problem. Hydrofluorocarbons, the refrigerants used in our air conditioners, also play an outsized role in global warming when they escape into the atmosphere.
    Hopefully more people will embrace nudism to stay cool and comfortable when it is hot (and cool too – there is an interesting story about increased brown fat when we our bodies are maintained at a cooler temperature)

  2. In the autumn of 1969, Harry Reasoner of CBS gave a tongue-in-cheek report about the cooling temperatures of fall coming: that people would be turning off their air conditioning units and the exhaust would no longer be warming up the outside air.

  3. umm wait isn’t the brown fat the bad stuff?

    there is a guy on youtube who makes all sorts of things and one of them was this air conditioner which just uses pipes and balls and water and somehow just works.. its a wee bit complicated for my understanding but like yeah, when it gets above 45 here, you’re right… like you can not get much nuder than nude hehe but nature already has shown us many ways to regulate heat or cooling without the need for environmentally damaging air conditioning <3

    1. I don’t know what you mean by ‘brown fat’, but there is more than 1 ‘bad stuff’. Sugar is one. Plastic is one. Add brown fat to the mix.
      Naturism, especially ethical naturism, does away with a lot of that stuff.

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