Animals don’t care about ‘nudity’

Yes, I added quotes around ‘nudity’ up there because they belong there.

Nudity is a human concept. Animals have no concept that relates to it.

When it’s warm or hot, I tend to be clothes-free. My cats don’t give a damn. They probably don’t even consider that I’m not in my “furs” or whatever they might think of clothes.

Come to think of it, they probably don’t even have a concept of clothes. Simply because they don’t have them. It’s nothing that exists in their frame of thinking, in their world. The fact that we, people, sometimes ‘change colour’ is something they just accept as a fact, as long as they get their food and attention…

Does that make sense?

To me it does. People can relearn a lot from animals. Relearn? Definitely. I am sure that homo sapiens or whatever came before us (Aha, Neanderthals. I had to know and now you know too)… ehm….

I’m sure that Neanderthals knew that clothing isn’t always necessary, even when we usually see them depicted wearing some form of skin covers. Out of ‘decency’ and ‘normality’ of our current state of mind, probably.

Man (and woman) is the only animal species that made clothing and elevated it to some kind of weird religion, a necessity. Glad I escaped that…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “Animals don’t care about ‘nudity’”

  1. nothing to add to your post, its great 🙂 i have ridden horses in a naturist fashion, been around cats, dogs, ducks, those ibis birds (i think they’re ibis) and the only animal that takes issue is the human animal!

    the only time animals seem to mind something we wear is when it is something like sunglasses, because, especially if they’re dark, they mimic a constantly staring pupil and a lot of animals find unbroken stares to be a threat, or uncomfy in general.

    The best way to fix this, (with cats) is to do the alternating slow eye blink technique. You get your cats attention, stare just for a little bit then slowly close one eye at a time alternating it, like a blink or a wink and not so slow that they lose interest. If they mimic you, then it means they are comfy and you can put your sunglasses back on, but if they stare solidly it means they are seeing it as a threat, or they do not know how to react (or they’re just not feeling very loving towards you right now)

    1. I didn’t know that.
      Now I don’t usually wear sunglasses at home, just outside where the cats aren’t with me. Interesting though, and thank you for the link. 🙂

  2. Before homo sapiens was homo erectus.
    Homo neanderthalensis is now thought to be a dead end branch of humanity that coexisted with homo erectus and may have interbred with them at times.

    They probably knew clothing for protection against the elements but considered it too expensive to wear when not needed (making it would have taken quite a bit of time and resources after all, they couldn’t just go to Primark or C&A and buy the latest junk coming out of China for less than the cost of the bus that got them there).

    1. interesting thoughts and for ancient humans, clothing may have followed in a seasonal fashion. When we think about going places we think handbag or bag, suitcase etc and its filled with modern conveniences etc but perhaps bags of sorts were primarily used for carrying the bear essentials: tools, food and clothes.

      when your existence revolves around just living, you do not need that much in way of possessions… : ) i wonder if there is a connection to minimalists and nudists/naturalists?

      1. I don’t think there is such a connection. Minimalists can be nudists, nudists can be minimalists, but minimalists can also just go through life with the least amount of clothing “to adhere to what’s normal”. Because the human mind is drawn to ‘normal’, the norm, even when that’s wrong.

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