A hide-away in sunny Spain

Before you think I have relocated: I haven’t. But do read on!

On Mewe I met a few very nice people (okay, I met lots of them there, but this post is about 2 specific ones). These two are Huw and Kitty.

Huw and Kitty moved to Spain about a decade ago, in search of their happiness, and some five years ago they found it.

Spanish land

They were lucky enough to obtain 12 acres of land where they can do as they want. And, which probably isn’t surprising to you, dear reader, they do mostly nude.

The wonderful thing that Huw told me is that they don’t want to keep this fabulous place to themselves. If there are true and serious naturists interested in staying at their place for a while, they’re more than happy to facilitate that. Do note that they don’t manage an actual guest house, so if you’re looking for a hotel or a camping, this is probably not the place for you.

If you’re willing to make a contribution to the food and to lend a hand in doing some work on their land, you’re very welcome. Huw and Kitty have 28 olive trees to look after, they have herb beds, and they grow things for personal use, and all that needs to be handled, looked after and taken care of. I am sure you don’t need to be a full-fledged gardener. There’s always something that has to be done that only requires a little information and/or guidance.

Huw, out and about with the dogs

It’s not just work and more work. If you feel up to visiting them, there are lots of ways to enjoy the outside in the most natural state. 12 acres is a lot of space, and there’s no need to dress up unless you plan to go into a town.

Huw allowed me to use these images. As he said:

“This gives you an idea of what we have here and the true connection for anyone out naked with nature. We would be blessed to have genuine others here naked who appreciate both the naked way of life and land/countryside and nature itself.”

Their wonderful nude haven is located in the Valenciana region, an hour south of Valencia inland. They’re a mere 20 minute drive away from some lovely beaches, and those are available to you too, of course. Because you are on vacation.

There is a possibility for camping and camper vans with an electric hook up as there is access to the land for that. Two important things though:
1. No barbecues
2. No smokers smoking out on the land.

As you can well understand, in the summer one tiny bit of ash and the whole valley is lit up like a Christmas tree.

So there you have it. Maybe Huw’s and Kitty’s place is something for you to visit, to have a really free vacation!

If you think it’s for you, please let me know, or get in touch with them directly on MeWe.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “A hide-away in sunny Spain”

  1. big thanks to Huw and Kitty for sharing : )

    totally understand their no fire thing. Our area is still recovering from the Black summer fires but there are still bits that are so dry that one match…

    1. Don’t even think about that match. Even here, where it rains a lot, we have forest and heather fires at times.
      I saw footage of the horror in Australia last year; it made me cry.

      1. And that part of Spain is a tinderbox.
        Bone dry most of the year, with torrential rains and flooding for the rest.

        My parents used to own a house about halfway between Alicante and Murcia (my sister owns it now).
        Beautiful area, but semi-arid. Luckily they never had fires in the area, but serious flooding just about every year (roads under water, parts of the coastline broken away by stormsurges, things like that).

        Friendly people overall.

        I hope these people have licenses for running a well and things like that. Every year the expat newspapers in the region ran story after story about people buying fincas only to find out there was no way to get running water, and they weren’t allowed to strike a well because of environmental regulations.

        1. Huw and Kitty have been living in Spain for a long time. I am certain they know what they need to do. Thank you for your info about the area. 🙂

          1. They probably do. Saddest though were people who had to sell cheap after finding out years down the line that their wells they had struck were illegal and had to be plugged.

            More often than not they’d been tricked into the purchase by unscrupulous local real estate brokers who specifically target foreigners who aren’t aware of the Spanish regulations and were either told they needed no permits or were handed fake papers.

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