4 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. At the risk of being called reductionist, the older I get the more I think people who make a fuss about this kind of thing are simply jealous. The people in the pic are having innocent fun in a manner the fussmakers wish they were brave enough to do.

    What’s the weird effect with the row of bushes at the top moving leftward and sweeping down and transmogrifying into….. people? at the left center edge???

    1. I agree with you; there has to be a lot of jealousy involved. I fear that the jealous ones don’t perceive it at that, which is sad.

      And the effect: I have no idea. It was there. I liked the image because of the people.

  2. There are centuries of repression and social brainwashing against the body. Especially from religions.
    And especially seeing the genitals as naughty or sinful.
    I was in a Baptist children’s home and there was
    a very strict policy about not showing your genitals
    when taking a shower as a group, you had to face the wall and we had to immediately cover ourselves with a towel after.

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