Play dick please

A few days ago I posted this tiny workout video on Vimeo. Just for fun. And yes, I know the light sucks and then some.

The next day I got one comment on the video. It was: Play dick please, posted by a person calling himself “Hector”.

In a knee-jerk reaction I trashed the comment.

An hour later I wondered if I had done the right thing. After all, I might have taken that comment as a hook to educate “Hector” that not all nude men are there to play dick please. Had I wasted an opportunity to tell “Hector” that naturism isn’t about that?

Now, days later, I’m still not sure if this was the right reaction, but more and more I’m leaning towards the notion that Hector wasn’t there to be educated. He wanted someone to play dick. At least he said please

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Play dick please”

  1. How much weight were you lifting?
    Your getting stronger every day.
    Good work.
    I have too much of a gut to brave posting nude.


  2. Given that he was trying to sexualise something that would’ve had a ‘G’ rating (‘suitable for all ages’) in the US had you pulled on a pair of shorts, you were more than justified to trash his comment, IMO. In your place I’d probably do the same thing.

    It apparently did not register with him that nothing in the vid was even vaguely suggestive so I’d guess that the notion ‘nudity = sex’ probably took over his brain. The former high school (ages 14-18) teacher in me says this is a hook and you’ve an opportunity to insert a couple of sentences to plant a seed of thought and it shouldn’t look like teaching.

    Maybe something like:

    “Thanks for your comment. This is just a quick clip to show part of my work out routine. Like a lot of guys, I don’t like to wear clothes unless I have to. Check out some of my other vids to get an idea of what I mean.”

    That said, trashing his comment was a totally appropriate response if you ask me.

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