Censorship, or: You’re not North Korea


Censorship, as we know, is a stupid thing. Depriving people from knowledge is bad. Acting as if something we all know isn’t there is stupid.

We’ve all seen this crap. Many of us encountered personally and we had accounts blocked, banned or locked away.

It’s there, whether or not they like it

All people have their dangly bits. Women’s breasts, men’s penises, flabby parts and perhaps some other stuff that’s out there. I think I listed the most important parts.

Places like most of the world, which definitely includes facebook and its branch called instagram, are famous for censoring and casting out.

Why are the people who run those place so afraid of the bits that we all have? Because they’re there, whether or not Mark Zuckerberg and various other items belonging to the human race like it.

Coffee moment

Those are actually important bits and pieces. Procreation-based bits and pieces. Without them, the human race would have been way ahead of the dodo and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Mark Z et al would be thrilled about that. Oh wait, there wouldn’t be a Mark Z, nor an et al.

Maybe you’ve heard about this:

It’s okay to be proud of your bits but you don’t have to slap them in everyone’s face.

It’s on many memes that I’ve seen with a variety in wording. I absolutely agree with it, but there is a difference between ‘slapping your genitals in someone’s face’ and pretending they’re dirty, evil, an abomination and ‘not there’.

Censored Nudity - YouTube

I’ve never seen people who walk around like this. Real people have real bodies, no black banners over their ‘naughty bits’. Which is a stupid name for them, because that loads them up with references to the sex industry.

As if naturists, here we go again, are all wannabe porn stars.

They’re human bits. And no amount of censorship will make them go away. Again, we all know they’re there. Why on Earth do people want to convince us they shouldn’t be seen…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “Censorship, or: You’re not North Korea”

  1. Your comments are very true and I fully agree with them. But our world is progressing in the right direction just not as quick as we would like it. If you look at the change since were born.
    PS I enjoyed your new book Mirror earth connected please keep them coming.

    1. Let’s hope the direction doesn’t change, unless it changes to an even faster, good way.

      Glad you enjoyed the fourth Mirror Earth book!

    2. Sadly the world seems to be heading ever more into a new Victorian era of fake moralism, where every display of non-sexual nudity is scandalous.
      Combine that with the hypersexualisation of pretty much anything, and black times are coming.

      2019 the Dutch naturist foundation in their magazine questioned the wisdom of allowing children on the grounds of nudist resorts “because it might send the wrong message”.
      Last few years the number of publicly available nude beaches and other areas where nudity is legal has been reduced steadily and at an increasing pace. That same foundation hardly puts up a fight any longer, probably thinking that it’s not good to stir up trouble or something.
      That’s where we are now, sadly.

  2. It seems like there’s both going on. There’s a small but slowly growing segment of the population that doesn’t see a problem with social nudity or maybe it’d be more accurate to say this segment fails to see why OTHER segments are so up in arms over something that’s rather innocuous. In the US this fake moralism is espoused by one demographic group that is declining as a share of the population. I haven’t seen numbers but I’ve read in several places that the children and grandchildren of the current crusaders are following their elders in ever decreasing numbers.

    ” .. questioned the wisdom of allowing children on the grounds of nudist resorts ‘because it might send the wrong message’ ”.

    I HATE this sort of statement because it appears to say something while saying nothing at all.
    -What, precisely is the ‘message’ and why is it wrong? And according to whom? How are those individuals qualified to judge?
    -What would constitute a ‘right’ message? The above follow-up questions apply here as well.
    – Since we’re on this topic, has anyone, anywhere on this planet EVER produced any sort of evidence that any children who grew up in nudist families have ever suffered any ill effects … ever???

    1. No one ever has, as far as I know. This is all ‘wannathink’ and fear mongering over stuff they don’t (want to) know.

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