Being naked. It’s like reading a book.

(and the textile world doesn’t get it.)

Paul reading
Reading,. Naked.

Maybe this subject requires a tad of elaboration.

Why do you read a book?

Right. Because you want to read it. Perfect reason.

And why are you naked?

Exactly. Because you want to be naked. Again: perfect reason.

I think that completes this blog post, doesn’t it?

Not entirely, because, as usual, there is more to this than the ‘naked’ eye can see. (Interesting phrase, that naked eye.)

Woman reading naked

I am convinced that one of the major misconceptions of the textilised humans around us is that they aren’t aware of the simple fact that we want to be naked for ourselves. It’s not for showing off or any other outgoing purpose – most of the time.

In fact, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t the model that would be ‘shown off’ in the textile world. They have different measures and standards, and they hide their own nature beneath their layers of fabric.

The subject title of this post suddenly came to me. It’s such a simple truth that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. We eat and drink because we want to. We read because we want to. And we ‘naked’ because we want to.

There are many things that we do because we want to do them, and in general most people have the same wants, cravings and needs. Books being one of them. Put in that light, there might be a way to make the textile world understand us, provided they want to listen. Because many minds are made up, set in stone and locked behind the cast-iron doors, courtesy of their peers and leaders.

Let our fight never dwindle. Each person convinced that we’re not the loonies is a win. Each person who finally sees that wearing clothes when they’re not needed is silly, is a big win.

Let’s stay naked. It’s good. I could write a book about that…

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Being naked. It’s like reading a book.”

  1. I kinda agree. The urge to do as you like, without any consideration of what other people may think of what you do, is the essence of freedom – as long as what you want to do does not harm others, of course. Stepping out of a comforting shower or bath, I don’t feel like putting on clothes. If the weather is warm or the sunshine is so inviting, I feel like enjoying it without any clothes to obstruct the experience. Conversely, if it’s cold, I don’t feel the need to obey any nudist dogma and stay nude just to be following someone’s rule; no, I’m going to put on clothes and be warm. And I tend to read what I want, not what is popular or what someone says I “have” to read because I need to be indoctrinated with certain ideas for my own good.

  2. I love this very simple explanation of what, too often, is way over intellectualized. Good on ya! I want to share!

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