Fake boobs are fine…

but the real thing is forbidden.

Just a children’s cartoon, right?

I keep being surprised by the hypocrisy of the clothed world. Really, sometimes I think I’ve seen and heard it all, but the clothed world keeps proving me wrong.

Take the image up here. Apparently it’s just fine. Nothing wrong with it.

Just a very young face with very big eyes. A happy, loving face. Cute, because big eyes are a sign of the very young (as in babies etc.)

A bit lower: quite a “rack”. Yes, rather large breasts for such a young face. Of course, “it’s just a drawing, what are you making a fuss about?”.

Well… considering the fact that clothed people are making quite the row over nude swims where children are present…

…this is something that’s so adverse to this all.

The people who condone drawings like that feel, to me (do note that), like child molesters without the guts (which is good). Why else would they like images of young girls with huge breasts? Is there something repressed inside those people?

Nudists who like to swim in the nude (hey, where does nudist come from?) with their children are the pedophiles, while people who (I think) have this subconscious craving for images like the one at the very top are the normal ones.

Sorry. Not buying that.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Fake boobs are fine…”

  1. Which is part of the reason I decided not to renew my NFN membership.
    They’re too much into the “don’t take children to nudist places to avoid controversy” and (in their publications and stuff) showing only young, healthy, athletic, good looking people as being nudists for me to take them seriously any longer.

  2. I don’t know what show it is from but if you wanted to draw a picture of an attractive woman for a young male audience, that’s exactly how a textile would draw it.

    If you watch much anime (Japanese animation, very popular in the US right now.) those oversized breasts are all over the place because that is what adolescent and young adult Japanese males want to see. I think US audiences aren’t so size driven but don’t complain about what comes over from Japan. The fetish over breast size becomes REALLY irritating, sometimes to the point that a girl/woman worrying about her breast size becomes a major plot element. Japan has different sensibilities about such things.

    These things are demand-driven. If guys didn’t want to see large breasts on their anime characters, they wouldn’t be so big. Shounen is the genre of anime that is directed at adolescent males. Seinen is directed at young adult males. You don’t see as much of the big boob fetish in shoujo (directed at adolescent females) or josei (young adult females) or kodomo (pre-adolescent children).

    That’s a generic face. The regular watcher of such shows would not associate it with any particular age. Could be anywhere from high school to 30s. Either way, that image is the symbol for “attractive woman” and nobody considers it a realistic representation of a real woman. It is a fantasy.

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