The crazy stuff in Aquaman

Have you seen the film? Aquaman?

At the moment I’m writing this, I saw half of it. It’s 2.5 hours long; I can’t sit and watch something for that long, so tomorrow I’ll watch the rest.


It’s a well-made film I think. I love the special effects and the works that come with them. There is, however, something I don’t understand at all. It’s how the underwater people look.

Look at this bloke. In a bit, metal-looking outfit.

Excuse me? Under water? Look at the weird collar-stuff that point up. That scoops up water and will slow you down like a pro.

Another thing I really don’t understand is why some of them wear those long, flowing capes. Under water. Perfect to get caught in rocks or corals.

I understand that the filmmakers are bound to the rules and regulations of ‘decency’ and they also don’t want to shock people with nudity (while killing and murder is just fine)…

…but someone like this would make a lot more sense under water, in my view of things. Look at swimmers who try to go fast. They don’t wear capes. They don’t have collars that slow them down.

Look at scuba divers. They wear suits that make them as smooth as possible, so as to reduce the resistance of water.

I know this. I’ve been one:

(Shot in a Mexican Cenote, that’s why the water is so clear.)

Unless the film changes its attitude about clothes under water (and I know that isn’t going to happen), I’m going to enjoy the rest of it but I’ll shake my head at any full-costume scene.

It makes no sense at all.

Have a good day, and stay as nude as you can!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “The crazy stuff in Aquaman”

  1. ” Capes? NO CAPES!!! Do you recall what happened to (insert very long list of superheroes who met untimely demises due to their capes)? … So, NO CAPES!!!”
    — Edna Mode, wardrobe designer for the superheroes in The Incredibles.

    But yeah, the only person who seems to be wearing even semi-sensible clothing is Jason Mamoa. The others are outfitted in gear that’d never actually work underwater.

    I have one idea for the entertainment industry to employ to gently introduce the idea of nudity. If there’s swimming involved, have the best /fastest/ most successful swimmer be the one wearing the least burkha-like swimsuit. Out of the water have the nimblest, deftest character be the one least encumbered by clothing.

    And yes, this is an old argument even in the US. If it’s OK to have killing and gore on screen, it should be OK to have non-sexual nudity on screen. This is especially true in situations in which having everyone clothed is a bit odd. For example: sleeping. Maybe this says something about me but I literally every single one of my friends sleeps in the buff unless there’s a specific reason not to.

    1. Hahaha, I love that quote!

      I’m glad you agree that the whole fancy-dress charade in that film, and many others, is totally off the scales.
      Why nudity is such a dangerous topic in the US, and also in many other places, is so weird…

      1. American generally seem more susceptible to having a ‘fixed idea’ than people in many other countries. The medical definition (condensed in my own words) is: A persistent notion, impression, or belief that is 1) not supported or only partially supported by logic, reason, & available information and 2) is rarely changed by the introduction of new information or learning that previously received information was in error.

        While anyone, anywhere can have fixed ideas they seem more prevalent in some demographic groups than others. What’s intriguing to me is that people who freak out at just the mention some topics are rarely able to explain why. If you ask why they go into schpiels that boil down to: ‘It’s bad’ —> ‘Why is it bad?’ —> ‘Because it is’. It doesn’t matter how long the conversation continues, you never get more information than that.

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