Who wears the pants in a house full of nudists…

I throw out a daily, naturist related tweet. One of them is:

I wonder who wears the pants in a house full of nudists…

Pants. Trousers. You know.

PANTS? Yes. We all know them. Some people call them trousers. The contraptions with two pipes made of fabric to put around your legs, and that also has a wider tube on top to wrap around your hips and your butt. I think I made this clear enough. If not, click here.

Many people online respond to this tweet. It’s fun and also the goal of that tweet. Engagement, making people tell how they feel about things, that’s the fun and power of Twitter. But this post is not about Twitter. (Are you on Twitter already?)

This post is about pants. If this is a punch in your naturist gut, I apologise and I will understand that you do not want to read on. You’re excused.

An, you are still here. Good. Pants. I’ve worn them since I was small. Many men have, and many women have too.


As many naturists, nudists and other clothes-free minds can attest: pants can be annoying. Very much so. Pants can be tight. Squeeze. Cut off your circulation. Force your genitals into a shape that isn’t pleasant. Studies have shown that tight pants aren’t healthy.

And they can make you look very awkward in the right situation. Or the wrong situation. Please check the image ->

Pants are useful, for sure, but why do they have to be “stylish” in that manner? Why are baggy pants “wrong”? And why are skirts (for men) frowned upon unless you consider kilts in Scotland?

I seriously wonder why men shouldn’t wear skirts when it’s not appropriate to be nude. Skirts give much more space to move. Squatting down in a skirt is much easier than in (tight!) pants. Of course, the feeling of being naked can’t be surpassed, but with the anal retentive way of thinking of the majority, we can forget about that for now.

Nude at home

How do men think about wearing skirts to free your genitals from oppression? (Or is that suppression? The squeeze?) And how do women think about men wearing skirts for that same reason? (Note that I am not considering the prettiness of legs. This is not an issue in Scotland either, as far as I am informed.)

Looking forward to any and all responses. In naked happiness as long as I can.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

9 thoughts on “Who wears the pants in a house full of nudists…”

  1. As a daily kilt wearer who is mostly commando I can entirely sympathise with your comments about trousers and the same applies to underwear. If I lived in a remote property with no neighbours I would try to be naked as much as possible but living in suburbia means that I have neighbours on either side with children, a primary school at the bottom of the (short) garden and the front door is overlooked by the neighbours opposite as well as people passing in the street. Being kilted means I can enjoy most of the benefits of being naked whilst not risking any complaints from neighbours, the school and passers-by. It works for me and there is no reason why it couldn’t work for anyone else.

  2. …. Yet again I should be starting my work day but instead I’m here as this is so much more interesting……..

    Suppose you grab a group of aliens who’d never visited earth and teach them every aspect of every culture EXCEPT clothing. You then show them a skirt and a pair of pants and ask, “Which gender more commonly wears the skirt and which the pants?” I’m willing to bet most aliens would say something like, “Men wear the skirts. Women wear the pants. The other way around makes no sense, no matter your perspective.”

    I know I’m not the first person to make this observation, but I think it bears more consideration than it has received. Off the top of my head: Think of the stereotypical designs of ‘bikes for boys’ vs ‘bikes for girls’. Given male anatomy, the ‘girls’ design makes much more sense.

    Pants: Yes, while I’ve always thought baggy pants were ridiculous the current trend has gone too far in the opposite direction. I see what currently passes for fashion in men’s pants and I say “Thanks, but no”.

    I agree. For men a kilt makes much more sense than pants.

  3. Pants are a relatively new invention, around 1000 BCE. They seem to have been used while riding a horse. There is even a Biblical passage requiring men to wear pants that are thigh length.

    Women got to keep skirts while guys got pants because a guy can always undo his fly or pull his waistband down. That doesn’t work for women. And (civilized) women generally didn’t ride horses until someone came up with side-saddle. Even then it was just for transport. You couldn’t possibly do work that way.

    1. I didn’t know that about the horse riding.
      But since most of us don’t do that any more (except for bike riding at times) I think men can safely return to skirts. Lifting a skirt is just as easy as pulling down a waistband. Maybe even easier! 😀

    2. That’s interesting…… Actually most garments have an interesting (to me) history behind them. I did a quick Duck search before asking you where in the Bible I might find the pants reference………

      Well, it turns out this is a whole topic of debate! Some circles of Christianity are VERY concerned with what type of clothing is allowed (according to the bible) to be worn by men vs women and what happens if….. Well, let’s just say that I’d have to be on the clock at my regular interpreting rate if someone wants me to actually click one of those links and wade through what I’ll find there.

  4. Wearing a kilt here in Texas does generate some quizzical looks and a few comments. Most people who speak up, are positive, but not all. I really don’t care if people can’t accept a man wearing a “skirt”. It’s their problem, not mine.

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