Are you nude with a mask on your face?

Naked with a mask?

I have heard a lot about this. Is a nudist really naked with a mask on?

Short answer: Yes, even when you wear something.

If that is all you have time for then you can move on and be busy with what you consider more important stuff.

The long answer is, as usual, longer and more thought through. Yes, a nudist isn’t naked with a mask on, but here’s the but: everyone wears such a thing.

COVID-19 image

These days, if you do it right, a mask is like having a nose or eyes. You need it. For living. Because if you don’t use it, the chances of not living very long are quite big. The reason for that, you probably guessed it already, is our little friend COVID-19.

A virus that has such an impact on life as we know it is not something to make fun of. Nor is it something to ignore.

We’re nudists so we refuse to wear anything

Even a mask.

That is one of the stupidest things I have heard in the past decade. That is like saying “We’re nudists so we don’t take medicine when we’re sick”.

You’re right, you can take medicine when you’re totally and veritably naked down to your lack of blue suede shoes, but consider the alternative in the light of a mask and taking home a good shot of the old COVID and blues. Is that worth the risk?

Last Thursday, July 2nd 2020, the USA alone reported 53,000 new cases of COVID-19. That is not just a lot. That is scary. And the majority of these people wore clothes but probably no mask. (I refuse to call it a face mask because I still haven’t figured out on what other body part you can wear a mask.)

Let’s be grateful that masks like up here aren’t obligatory.

Look at it from the other side.

Is a dressed person undressed when not wearing a mask?

If you say yes, you can’t be serious. People have gone without masks for the longest time, unless they intended to rob banks and stuff like that.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone in the textile world who will tell you they feel ‘naked’ without their mask. Masks have become a life necessity with friend Covid still hanging around. A virus doesn’t care if you naked, dressed in rags or the finest silk a caterpillar can poop. It wants to get in your face – and the way to keep it away is to wear a mask when you go out among people. It’s that ff-ing simple.


Paul nude outside

Having a mask on to stay healthy and alive isn’t that bad, I think.

Also, there is still this 6 foot distance rule, right? Take that into consideration. Keep a distance and the need for a mask isn’t major. (Please, correct me if I’m wrong!) Do keep a mask at hand. You never know when someone isn’t able to guestimate 6 ft.

Happy nude summer, everyone!


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Are you nude with a mask on your face?”

  1. That would logically prohibit nude backpacking. Since I never hike on hot days without a hat, let alone walk on hot sand barefoot, there goes that. Nude cooks couldn’t wear aprons. Nude gardeners couldn’t wear gloves. What about glasses or a knee brace?

    I readily admit I don’t “feel” as nude with a hat or backpack or hiking shoes on but since I’m not covering up the forbidden zones, I am fuctionally naked. Nudity has to include rational exemptions for environmental protection.

    1. Agreed. My thing is footwear. On other sites I see pics of guys doing all sorts of outside activities. Readers frequently comment that it’s ‘dangerous’ to do so unclothed. Whereas I’m cringing at the thought of dong those things barefoot.

      1. I think it is to each their own. If people want to train their feet to handle all the abuse, fine. I’m not planning on that but I can’t hold it against them.

  2. I think some of the reactions around covid is overreaction boardering on hysteria. I mean how many seperate news stories do you need on the news channels about how to wear a mask. How many times do we need to be told how to queue outside shops. Doesn’t common sense exist anymore ? Also if you are social distancing to the correct distance do you really still need to wear a mask. I’ve been working for 8 weeks and we still get customers who are venturing out for the first time “nervously” even though they must have been to the supermarket already.

    1. Seeing how people are treated and also how many act, I would indeed say that common sense is on an all time low, unfortunately.
      COVID is still around but the sun comes out and people get together like in the old days.

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