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I am sure you know what I mean. Prude social media. Did I hear someone say ‘Facebook’? Ding! Right in one. That one is, as far as I know, the most tight-assed, buttoned up place that allows murder and porn while being on a witch hunt against naturism, right?


They are against nude images that show ‘too much’.

This up here is too much. Totally unsafe. You can clearly see body parts. Something that Facebook is against, unless – under conditions – it’s meant to be art. They decide what is art. Or unless it’s ‘educational’. They decide what is educational. (See, you’re picking this up quickly!)

This up here is Facebook-Safe. I hear what you say: this is bonkers, mad, crazy, bull-shit, BS, insane, unreal. In short: this is Facebook.

And still there is a way, but you may not like it.

Yes, there is a way to promote naturism on social prudia. And you don’t even need to deface (I mean de-body) images for that.

Victorian bathing fashion

The way is to be smart about your images, or forget about images entirely. You can write a good piece on naturism, add an image of someone in a bathing suit and detail how insane such a piece of cloth actually is.

If you are into blogging and you really want to post the links to your blogs on a social prudia, make sure you are careful with the imagery. The hard part is that it’s difficult to predict which image will show up on a Facebook page. When you use WordPress, you can assign an image to be the main one but Faceprude can select a different one. You can work around that by removing the preview from the link. Or add a prude-book safe image to your post there, which will remove the preview and still you’ll have something to show.

But I need my images to express myself!

I know there are lots of people who desperately want to show the world how nice it is to be nude, using pictures. Do so, by all means, in the places where you can. Diaspora is cool, Mewe is cool, Twitter, for now, is cool. is a good place too. But Faceprude isn’t. You can spread the word there by doing exactly that: spreading words.

I thought I’d dump this info here, in case you are a dedicated Zuckerberger. I understand that – the whole world and their aunt is on Faceprude. If you want to tell the world there about your nudism, your naturism, your clothes-free lifestyle, use the right words and the safe images. Using images that show the opposite of what you want to tell the world is a good way, especially when they are funny.

Dedicate some words to the benefits of looking great in a bathing suit and how it keeps you warm in the water.

Sing the song of your people about the benefits of walking around in smelly, stinky clothes after a hike.

Be creative. Don’t hold back. Use what’s available.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Naturism on social prudia”

  1. I think Facebook is too greedy to worry about morality.

    Zuckers looks at it from a cash flow basis. There are a lot of users who will bail on him if he allows nudity. There is a smaller group of users who won’t bail but will be unhappy about his policy. A very small number of users who will bail or get accounts canceled because of TOC violations.

    There is a large number of users who don’t care and a very large number of users who don’t even think about it.

    Users are not customers. The customers are the people who buy the user’s data and pay to send them targeted advertising. As long as the customers are happy, the Zucks couldn’t care less what we post. He does care very much about the controversy and potential lost revenue if he allows nudity. Compare the number of users he’d lose, mostly from organized religious groups and parents restricting their children. Then look at the revenue he’d lose from controversy averse businesses. And businesses targeting those religiously conservative people and the children.

    It is a miracle that they allow for some artistic and some medical nudity. To do even that, FB has an army of minimally paid staffers in India trying to make that call when a post is challenged or the censor bot flags it. Now consider the headache he’d have to deal with in creating and enforcing a definition of acceptable nudity v. pornographic nudity.

    It comes down to being too small a minority to count.

    Now, Zuckerberg may be as big a prude as the FB rules make him seem. But he is also a very good businessman and allowing nudes might not be the best business plan.

    1. Hi Fred,
      The users of Facebroke are its merchandise, I know that.
      Facebook doesn’t allow nudity, I know that.
      That was the idea of this post – to put nudity there without showing it. There is no rule against that. At least not yet, as far as I am informed…

      1. In my opinion, Facebook is not keeping up with the times and they have enough issues with what happened during the 2016 U.S. elections. Nudity should be the least of their worries and by that, I mean artistic and tasteful.
        Facebook is used too much as a news source which is often misconstrude and false.
        They have no issues with allowing violent images and propoganda.
        I’ve flagged offensive posts but not sure if it actually gets reviewed as they keep appearing in one form or another.
        I am part of a few private naturist groups on FB and images still have to be PC.
        Naturism may not ever get acceptance from the general public as there is too much association with pornography, perversion and shame.

        1. Faceborg is a world of its own. Several other social prudia adopt most of that attitude in order to make their world a ‘safe place’, e.g. one where people never have to see a nude body. Facebook is also overrated, as you say, as a news source. It’s not. It’s a data-gathering machine that makes money from what people post and all the demographics they can get their hands on.

  2. Never had a Facebook account; never will. One of the reasons is their stance against nudity and naturism, but I have many more issues with them. Social media has devolved down to spewing hate, virtue signalling, and exhibitionism (not just the naked kind). I will use Twitter to spread the word on things I find interesting or good images, but I find no reason to tell the world where I had lunch.

  3. The social media are totally influanced by the so called political correctness that is the result of growing religious extremism.
    It was some time ago the same with homosexuality and it is still not over yet. I am afraid we are not done by this so called political correctness as a minority seems to be able to impose their views.
    There is really no shame to have about showing your complete naked body but it is understandible that most people shy away for eventual consequences. The only way seems to be private contacts via Messenger or Email. My email address is available on this site for everyone who wants to talk about naturism/nudism and exchange pictures.

    1. That was the point, Hans. To not show the nude body but link to a post that has more info for those who might be interested.
      Political correctness is B.S. and most social prudia aren’t even very social.

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