A naturist ‘in jail’.

An intriguing topic, isn’t it? The more as this is not about a brick-and-mortar jail but one of a totally different kind.

A little while ago I received this message. A cry for help. As I don’t feel equipped to comment on this just like that, I asked the sender of this (who asked if he could remain anonymous) if I could post his message on my blog. He agreed. Please read this and if you have suggestions, ideas or constructive comments, please leave them at the bottom of this page!

I was a naturalist growing up from the age i say 10 years old. On my own only deep in the woods in hidden ponds, rivers, creeks i found or knew from geological maps. As i got older and working like EVERYWEAR there was in Puerto Rico. On job assignments. I did hiking in the rain forests and along the beach for 1/8 to 1/4 mile from an access point to a nude beach was aloud.

Now handicapped. I cant drive or visit beach’s because my wheelchair or rollator can’t make it through the sand to reach the nude beaches or even some nudists resorts/camping grounds. There not handicapped equipped! Also i need someone that can drive me there with my wheelchair or rollator and gear (emergency oxygen tank and meds and meters and such.) To sleep at a place would require power and a 4 person tent just for me!

So back to the begining sentence. I am trapped at my house to go out and just be free. My folks come over anytime unannounced and walk into my room where I am sleeping. So I cant even sleep nude anymore…. Or be nude in my house.

What am i to do???

As you see, this is a horrible situation to be in. If you have anything to share with our anonymous naturist friend, please do so. Ideas, solutions, options, all of those are welcome.

Author: Paul

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4 thoughts on “A naturist ‘in jail’.”

  1. I sympathize with this guy, as I very much value the freedom that he has lost.

    My late father was in a similar position in the latter years of his life. Although I took him and my stepmother to their naturist club a couple of times, they had no other opportunities to be “free”. However, they we OK around the house. They simply informed the numerous carers, who arrived at various times each day, of their preferences. None of them seemed to care, so he and she could relax.

    He told me that, when he was younger, he would have been afraid of telling someone “I might be nude when you arrive” in case they thought he was weird. He regretted not realizing sooner that most people would not care. I am trying to learn from his experience.

    1. I agree. We stay silent out of fear of others reactions, when in reality, most people are not as judgemental as we expect.
      When I was in hospital last with 2 broken feet, I never wore pants or underwear. I just informed those that were assisting that they might get an eye full, none had any objections or suggested I should put anything on.


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