The stubbornness of textile

Yes. I had ‘an experience’ again. With an unexperienced person.

On my Dutch author blog I wrote about naturism, because I released a Dutch crime story that also deals with naturism. An acquaintance writer/poet from near here let me know she’d read the article and though it was “very courageous” to tell the world I’m a naturist.

Ding ding ding!

That is what happened in my head. An alarm bell. Courageous? What’s so courageous about telling the truth?

I asked her that same question and I got a very deflecting answer: “I really like wearing my clothes, and on the beach I always wear a bathing suit.

This of course made me ask what benefit the bathing suit had since it doesn’t make you a better bather nor does it keep you warm or dry in the water. “So people don’t see my body.

Aha. So you are ashamed of your body. There was not a clear response on that one, so the answer is ‘yes’…

Which is a shame, as we all know. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but the media are good at creating this impossible image, and keep changing it.

I asked her once more about her aversion to being naked, quoting her words that she liked wearing her clothes and asking if she had ever tried to be naked for a while. The NO!!! which followed that made it clear to me that she’s not yet ready to give this any thought.

nudist friends

The sad thing of course is that many people think this way, that warped way that’s been glued between their ears. They love their clothes. They won’t change. They will buy a bigger air conditioning unit when it gets hot, instead of doing the sensible thing.

So, to all the readers and followers of this naked-skin-oriented blog: be just as courageous and talk about your naturism. No need to overdo it, or to bring it up at any occasion, but if the opportunity is there and you feel confident, go for it.

We’re all people, all born naked, and we’re all naked beneath the textile layers that society forces upon us.

The author nude

Let’s enjoy the sensible way of life as much and often as we can, and if any of you have a great way to bring up naturism in a friendly circle, do share it with us. Together we stand!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “The stubbornness of textile”

  1. Well said! I never make any secret of being a naturist, and the reaction you describe is all too familiar – together with the immediate assumption that I am some kind of pervert. Very occasionally I meet someone who is prepared to give it a go, but mostly their deep seated predjudices stay firmly in place.

    1. Chris, well said also, we too can totally relate. Invites to friends and family to join us in nude activity are met with looks of shock and disdain.

  2. I have found the best way to work being nude into a conversation is linking it with swimming or hot tubs.It appears more people are at least somewhat receptive to the idea in those cases.Of course you have to know the people you’re talking to a little but,it’s a good starting place.

  3. There is a movement by the Greens/Socialists/Elitists to get us to stop eating meat and eat bugs to prevent so-called Global Warming. Do you think these same people will start supporting naturism as an alternative to air conditioning?

    1. It would be nice if they indeed did, but I think there is too big a gap between the idea of food and the idea of not wearing clothes.
      Not eating meat will, in their view, perhaps make more energy available for air-conditioners…

  4. Absolutely right! A lot of people say they don’t like their bodies but don’t know why, just that they have been conditioned by society,family,friends to cover their skin.

  5. I think especially in the USA people are so ingrained into the puritan mindset of being covered from head to toe at all times that they don’t ever think of trying something different.It starts at childhood reinforced by parents and it never stops.

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