The battle against faketurists

Yes. I hear you. Faketurists? What the hell are you talking (writing) about here? Let me tell you.

Time and again I come across posts on Twitter and other places where genuine naturists/nudists mention being followed by ‘other naturists’, who after some quick inspection prove to be swingers, sex- and porn-lovers and the like. I am sure we all know the kind by now.

These folks always have pictures on their timeline/profile, and they are not as naturist and calm as the one here.

Fake naturists. Hence faketurists.

They’re a pain in the eye and the mind for real naturists, and with reason.

It’s difficult to get rid of them in their entirety since going after them and ‘exterminating’ them is a) time consuming, b) costly and c) illegal. So we end up blocking them, reporting them, the works. I’m sure most people reading this post recognise the problems.

The crap thing is that, yes, sometimes it’s hard work to check each account that is following you, me, anyone. Still: keep doing it. No one is doing it for you, and if you want to keep your presence as clean as possible, it’s a necessary evil. The ones with explicit names or profile images are easy to catch. Some require inquiry. Alas.

An idea I suddenly had was to get some kind of swap-space going where naturists can swap their block lists, at least the one from Twitter. On Twitter you can export your blocked-list by clicking your profile image and select Settings and privacy from the menu:

From there select Blocked Accounts on the left, click advanced options and export your list:

Save the list and that’s most of the work. On the swap space everyone can then download your list and import it to their own blocked accounts (which, as you see, is also a choice in the advanced options, and that will save everyone a lot of work going after each suspicious account.

A drawback is that you might block an account that someone finds offensive, gross of insulting while you might like that account very much. It’s a personal trade-off.

I wonder what you think of this idea, and if you have specific ‘controls’ in place to keep your online, naturist presence ‘clean’.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “The battle against faketurists”

  1. The ones we hate are the ones marked private, they are following you and look promising. So you request to follow them as well only to find when approved they have nothing but porn, nothing nudist at all. Yes it’s a shame and time consuming.

  2. Great idea! Incidentally, I found Tumblr has now blocked porn-type nude posts of those who followed my page (I don’t seek followers and block anyone with porn or crotch shots) while many naturist reposts have not been blocked. The new algorithm isn’t perfect, as some naturists complain, and there is suggestive pics on Tumblr pages that try to lure you to other porn sites, as well as occasional porn pics, but it’s great they are blocking most porn.

  3. i love to be nude and walk outdoors with the wind and sun touching my nude body, buttocks and erected penis. im a sexual exhibitionist i love to masturbate in the sun. while friends are watching me.nudism is mostly about sexual pleasure i think.

    1. What you describe is to be an exhibitionist. It has nothing to do with nudism, because nudism is not sexual.
      Please don’t call yourself a nudist because that throws a completely false light on the lifestyle. Sex has to do with sexual pleasure. Nudism doesn’t.
      I guess you would also delight in nudist children to watch you masturbate?

    2. You are a sexual abuser forcing other people to be part of your nasty perversion. Then maybe that is why you have to masterbate rather than have a partner
      Learn some respectful behaviour and stop hiding your perversion behind the name of naturism

  4. I agree with Paul. Nudism is about INNOCENCE! If you like masturbating while roaming around naked, more power to you, but it has ZERO to do with the movement, which is all about normalizing the human body. And in fact, you are harming the cause by furthering the misconception that nudity must always = sex.

    If you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing what you’re doing around children, you cannot call it nudism or naturism.

  5. Naturism about enjoying being free from restrictive clothing.Feeling the sun and air on your skin is sensual,not sexual.If it causes the latter then it’s not naturism.Unfortunately some can’t or won’t get that.It’s their loss.

  6. I see it all the damn time on my social media sites. The ones that want to follow me are the ones who have porn links or nothing in them. Even in Tumblr, I am seeing these porn bots still around and using Fitness women as a front for their porn links. Some of these fake nudist try to even pass themselves as being LGBT as well

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