The wealth of being in nudity

Hey. You.

Hey you

Yes. You. Do you like being nude? Do you like being among other nude people? Yes? If so, do you know how wealthy you are?

Really. I’m not kidding. I’m convinced that people like you and I are among the emotionally wealthiest folks around. The most mentally mature too in ways. Because we know people. Real people.

Sunday Noon Nudist

Nude people. Surprising? Hardly, I’d say. Nudists and naturists have overcome the ‘problems’ that so many people in this world have with skin, with a proper body. We know how real people look. We don’t need Photoshop to look our unattainable best either. All we need to do it take off our clothes and there we are. Our naked best.

The more time I spend in the nude, either alone or with others, the more I am surprised how being this way can ever be a problem. Of course, we all know it is because of the big brainwash that is advertisement, crazy body ideals that will never be possible, and the general fear of nudity as proclaimed by many forms of religion and other groups.

I know there are (religious) groups that aren’t scared of the naked body. That’s a good thing. I don’t dabble in religion but if ever I’d have to, I’d pick one where being naked would be the accepted norm, not something to be frowned upon.

But no matter what your preference is, religion-wise, the fact that you are reading this (and hopefully agreeing), tells me you’re a rich person. Rich in awareness that all bodies are good bodies. Perfect bodies, having become so after accepting what life threw at them. Not picture-perfect (as in Photoshop and so on) but, indeed, body-perfect.

The wealth of not being scared of nudity is something money can’t buy. It’s something experience and personal growth brings. Sometimes also upbringing, if you are/were fortunate enough to have open-minded, nudity embracing parents.

For that, I congratulate you, wealthy fellow human being.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “The wealth of being in nudity”

  1. I second this Paul. Wealth is not (only) measured by how much money you have, but my how much love you are ready to give, how much you care about you and others, how much happiness you are sharing around. Accepting others as they are and seeing the good that is in them makes you wealthy. I was recently reflecting on the values and actions I was living by and that were important to me. Despite being atheist, I’m spiritual and meditate every day. Gratitude and forgiveness are two values money cannot buy but provide so much wealth in your hearts and in other hearts that they are at the root of my spirituality. Being naked makes me even more grateful for what I have, who I share my life with, and forgive to others who do not understand why and how naturism and social nudity make you a better person. It allows me as well to understand better other points of view. And it makes me wealthier. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you for your response, Marc. I do appreciate it. I am an atheist too and I meditate. Being spiritual has nothing to do with religion for me. In fact, non-religious people can be more spiritual I think, because they choose to be, instead of having it put onto them through their religion.

  2. Paul: Well said! It is extremely important that naturists take pride both in their bodies and in the fact of their self confidence. We need to project that pride to others who are prudish and would try to shame us into hiding behind clothes. Misery may love company, but textiles need to let go of their insecurities, not add others to their self imposed fabric prisons. Those of us who accept our bodies are lucky indeed!

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