A naturist’s view on light

The nude body and light

Nude with light

It’s a fact that naturists appreciate light. Warm light preferably. I thought about that when I found the picture you see up here. As I looked at it I thought that this is a wonderful application of light as well.

I love body painting and this is a form of it, I’d say, with the difference that this painting was done with, indeed, light. Of course I had to go on a hunt for more and it surprised me that most images painted with light incorporate the female form. Men don’t seem to do so well in light and I really wonder why that is.

nude man lightThis image conveys how the male body can look amazing in specific light settings as well.

I admit that not everyone is granted such a nice physique but the idea remains the same.

What do you think about painting with light instead of body paint? Have you noticed it as well? Have you ever tried it?

I think it’s fascinating because this too is something that only works well with the naked, human body.

Trying this with regular clothes, regardless how expensive they are, will never yield the same effect. Or do you know of examples that prove me wrong? In that case I’d love to learn about those.


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on light”

  1. I’ve always used light to accentuate the human form in my photographs, and I’ve come to the same conclusion you mention in your article. Women’s bodies lend themselves better to light painting than men’s. I always thought it was my biases but you’ve validated my beliefs.

  2. These pictures are amazing.They look like Michael Leroy’s collection called Alchemy.He uses light to highlight the nude body is some very creative ways.Great observations.I can’t imagine that you could duplicate this with clothed art.Furthermore,why would you want to? Great job as always.

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