When naturism costs jobs

I’m sure you all read or heard about it. A British school teacher, Christine Wright, was told to take early retirement after the school she worked at found out she was a naturist.

She said: “It’s not something I ever spoke about at work but some busy body outed me.

“They rang up my employer and told them I was a naturist. To hurt me. It ended up with me taking early retirement. I’m not going deny who I am.”

I was bloody well shocked after hearing about this. How sad is this, to force someone out of the job they love, because of a brain-twisted idiot who doesn’t know the difference between a life style and paedophiles?

I truly believe that teachers are most at risk of losing their jobs, because they work with children, and – as we all know – the children’s tender souls need to be protected from the big bad world where people walk around with no clothes. Murder and other kinds of violence are okay, greed is applauded, but OMG, as the expression goes, no nudity please!

She says she believes that naturism is misunderstood, comparing them to other minorities.

She added: “Sometimes I think we’re in the same position the gay community were in 20 years ago.

I hope we all will live to see the day that naturism isn’t considered the bad thing that many uneducated people think it is.

(Quotes and image courtesy of The Irish Sun.)

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “When naturism costs jobs”

  1. A really sad story, I think. So sad that people are so ignorant and are so afraid of a nude body.

    I believe that nakedness in front of children actually can do them good, as long as it hasn’t had any sexual intent. Body image is a big problem young and children, especially between girls, but also boys have problems.

    I actually wrote an article about the issue if parents should be naked in front of their children

  2. I had the same problem when I was told to forcibly resign from a transit bus driving position in Alaska due to a false accusation and the use of my nudism supporting Facebook page! Just because a coworker and some management disagreed with my lifestyle and claimed that my page was a type of sexual harassment, even though none of it was directed towards them! It was a good job too and I miss it!

  3. I believe she did not ever striped in front of any of her pupil. So what’s wrong about her lifestile or skinny dipping alone or self minded?

    1. She didn’t. She was a school teacher and a naturist. Those have nothing to do with each other unless she were a teacher at a naturist resort.

    2. The sick idea is that anyone who dares to take their clothes off in any setting at all (except MAYBE under the shower) is a sexual pervert and therefore should never be trusted to work with children (or indeed anywhere at all).

      That’s what “civilisation” has come to. We’re oh so critical of the Taliban and the Iranian mullahs forcing women into cloth sacks that show only their eyes (and those through a veil), considering any display of skin at all “indecent” and “immoral”.
      But that’s mainly because at heart our own society is no better and many of those in control (politicians, judges, police chiefs, etc. etc.) would without second thought impose similar clothing requirements on men and women in the west, and for the same sick reason.

      In reality of course the perverts are those considering naturists (or simply people dressing even slightly revealing) as indecent and immoral.

  4. This is discrimination. When will these small-minded people educate themselves and learn about naturism. You’d think being an educational facility they would use their brains, instead they pass quick judgement with prejudice. They should reorganise the education learning system with naturism in the curriculum. We are born this way, just like race, gender. Freedom certainly comes at a price. AC

    1. This is again proof they can only use their brains within the boundaries of their own cultural education. It is indeed discrimination. 🙁

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