Naturist cleaners??

Naturist cleaners

Yes, you saw that right. And this is not about ordinary naturists cleaning their own homes in the most comfortable fashion.

As I was looking over the information that Google Alerts sent me the other day, concerning all kinds of things about naturism, there was a reference to ‘naturist cleaners’.

The headline:

Women in Croydon wanted to clean homes while naked

I found this odd. Many people may think this is a cool idea but not me. I see things differently. I went to read the article (you can see it for yourself at

This proved me right.

Women apparently can make £45 per hour for cleaning. That is a lot of money. They have to do it in the nude though. Is it surprising that most of the clients of the company offering this are male?

Some clients prefer to stay dressed and just watch our cleaner or just want a nude cleaner to have a different experience

Yep. That is typical for naturists, right, wanting to watch a nude cleaner.

The lady running the company offering this service states that most clients are naturists themselves, which is a good thing. Still I can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t the way this works.

What are your thoughts?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Naturist cleaners??”

  1. Seems exploitative to me and the clients come off as creepy voyeurs not naturists. Sounds like another case of using the word “naturist” in a nefarious way.

    1. I think so too. I wouldn’t like to work somewhere in the nude where the lady of the house was dressed and watching me. That doesn’t feel right.

  2. when i read the title of your article a creepy vibe went down my spine. This is some kind of softcore porn cleaning service i am willing to bet money on it.

  3. I always get a weird feeling about messages like this. This can not be the direction we’re all heading together. This has nothing to do with naturism but more with voyeurism from the clients and exhibitionism and/or capitalism by the cleaners. The fact that the company hides itself behinds the arguement that their clients are naturists is a big issue for me. After working for years now to show the world what naturism is really about, this doesn’t really help

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