Naked around the house. (And inside it.)

Naked around the house.

I’m curious how many naturists and nudists (let’s assume there is a difference between them) are able to be naked in and around their house.

The problem that many face of course is that their house is open to the view from the street. As far as I know there is no country where the law says you can be naked inside your own property, regardless if people from outside can see you or not.


Nudists with fenced-off backyards often are in luck. They can usually be naked as much as they want and do all kinds of chores there without the bother of clothes. Things like painting, like the lady on the left does here, will be easier too. Splatters of paint are removed from skin much easier than from clothes.

There might be a problem with neighbours though. Not everyone can lift their mind over such things as a naked body.


This is where I come in. Literally, because I live in an apartment.

My place is on the fifth floor , there are frosted glass panels between the balconies so neighbours don’t see me, and there is no building opposite where I live. I can be naked as much as I want, and sit outside like that whenever the weather allows.

I’m lucky like that.

The house in the street.

Okay. Nudists who live in such houses have a big disadvantage if they don’t have glass curtains or something like it. You’ll be seen from the street, and if you have a garden you’ll be seen by the neighbours. Do you have a house like this? How do you deal with it?

The house on the prairie.


This would take away so many problems…

Author: Paul

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7 thoughts on “Naked around the house. (And inside it.)”

  1. I am nude almost all of the time when I am at home. I used to be concerned about neighbors seeing me though windows, but I nowadays I only think about that during daylight hours, when children may be out & about (and I rarely think about it even then).

    Evenings and overnight it is not only dark, of course, but there is virtually no outside activity in my neighborhood. So, that time of day, not only am I nude indoors, but if I have to step outside, to get to something on my patio or front or back lawn, weather permitting, I am nude outside my home as well.

    No neighbor has ever given me an adverse comment about ever seeing me nude, so either no one has, or no one had minded.

  2. Totally agree. Being in more secluded housing def offers a more conducive atmosphere for us as nudists. I am fortunate that at least out back and in our woods it is a safe place. Neighbor has only been here 4 days since April so hoping he goes back to his fish camp out of state soon so I’ve got the run of the land without any chance of upsetting anyone

  3. I’m lucky. I recently bought a place in a luxury nudist resort in Southern California, so no clothes indoors or out is the norm.

  4. I am nude in our house most of the time unless we have visitors or it’s too cold. I live in the country. Whether permitting, I can sunbathe and work nude behind my house and walk nude in a wooded part of our ranch. I can work nude in my shop building when warm. The nearest neighbors are at least 1/4 mile away. A house on a hill behind us overlooks our ranch, but they would have to use binoculars or a telescope to get a good look. In front of the house, I have to wear at least a towel, stay behind something or be in the hot tub or above ground pool. Someone driving by might see me very briefly getting in or out of the pool or hot tub, but it’s about 100 yards to the unpaved road. I have plans to put privacy fencing around the area where the patio, pool and hot tub are. It’s off the subject, but I occasionally drive nude to and from nudist resorts about an hour away.

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