This stuff bothers me.

wcsYes. This. This stuff bothers me. Not the fact that this is a billboard like thousand others, but the fact that a company that sells online sex is allowed to do this. In public.

Everyone knows what this is about. Nude people in exchange for money. This is allowed while nude people for free, otherwise known as nudists or naturists, should be very careful where they ‘exhibit’ themselves.

Nude in parkNaturism isn’t forbidden in my country, something I am very grateful for. It’s still not considered ‘normal’ by most people but I don’t want to dwell on that. Being naked in ‘designated areas’ is allowed, and the term ‘designated area’ is quite liberal if you look at the law.

Still it irks me to see that companies are free to display their business anywhere in the street and along the motorways. As you can see on the first image. Webcamsex. Putting that stuff up there makes it okay. Normal. Acceptable. Inviting, also to the younger public. The way to teach them that nakedness is something you pay for, something exciting.

nudism-pure6Why would there be a movement that promotes nakedness and nudity as something normal and healthy if you can make money of making it something special?

Nudity should not be dragged into the gutter like that.

Nudity, nudism, naturism, call it what you want, should be recognised as something wholesome, something that is not connected to lewdness and porn. I can only hope that the billboards like the one up there won’t be around for too long because they infuriate me. There is one not far from where I live. I pass it twice a workday and each time it makes my blood boil.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “This stuff bothers me.”

  1. These kind of ad campaigns only perpetuate the connection of nudity equals sex. We all know you don’t have to be nude to have sex, and you not always having sex when you’re nude. But those with repressed emotions, especially most people in the United States, continue to hold on to that ridiculous notion.
    A solution might be for someone with a wholesome naturist/nudist web site to place a billboard along the highway, but that would only cause more problems, attracting those that pervert the naturist/nudist movement.
    That’s my two cents (I don’t know what that would be in guilders, Paul. 😉 )

    1. There are plenty of emotionally repressed people over here too, Carlo Mario. Percentage-wise less probably, which is a good thing for Europe.
      No idea of the exchange rate to guilders, since those are extinct after going Euro. I’ll take it as 2 cents. 🙂

      1. I guess no one place has a market on emotionally repressed people, but from the time I’ve spent in Europe (very limited), I do find the Europeans more liberal in their thinking on matters of nudity and sex.

        So, with the exchange rate I offered my 1.8 cents (Euro). 😉

        Hope all is well, Paul.

  2. Billboards like this are probably illegal in most of the United States, but I think the real answer is to educate and allow nudity depicted in a non-sexual context in most electronic and printed media, but not on billboards. One reason to promote nudity as something normal and healthy is to reduce money being made from it and separate it from sex. I think commercial billboards, not just “sexy” ones, clutter the landscape and are distracting.

  3. bonjour Paul
    tu as absolument raison pourtant moi qui suit libertine depuis des années je n’approuve pas non plus l’affichage de se genre de publicité, cela n’a rien a voir avec le naturisme mais du moment que l’on est nu c’est vrai que l’on peut amalgamer les deux, dans certain lieux de vacances sexe et naturisme sont légion dont un en France très connu.

    1. Merçi pour tes mots!
      Je ne comprends pas pourquoi on peut mettez ces affiches sans gêne quand une personne nue qui ne veux qu’être heureux n’est pas acceptable.

  4. While Bob Reed and I were trying hard to encourage people in Sydney, in Australia, in the world to enjoy ‘naturism’ – “in the right company and location(s)”, as I migrated from “NL” (the Netherlands) as a boy, I LIKED ‘reporting’ on how sensible and ‘open-minded’ the residents of my country-of-birth were but this ‘billboard’ bothers me!!!!

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