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read naked dayI love writing as much as I love reading. I also love being naked. Sometimes I even read about writing. Naked.

At the moment I’m working on 2 naturist stories – not at the same time of course, but alternating between them. It’s magical for me to do that, to crawl inside all these different characters, to find out what makes them tick. To ‘feel’ how all the naturists in those stories feel about their naturism. To ‘feel’ the non-nudists in those stories and experience their surprise, their shock and horror even. It’s an incredible feeling to switch back and forth between so many interpretations of how life should be lived. I vote for the nude life of course, as do many visitors of this site.

Mirror EarthI’ve taken up the challenge to write a sequel to Mirror Earth. It won’t be easy. It will be scary too because Mirror Earth might well be the best naturist book I wrote to date, and to write a sequel to something good is daunting. It will have to be at least that good, if not better.

I’ll take my time and it will happen. Not fast, because usually good and fast are not good together. My gratitude to everyone who told me they like Mirror Earth. Or love it, as even that happened. I’ll keep writing because I love making people happy.

Be safe and well, and be naked wherever you can!

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Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “A reading, nude writer”

  1. You’re such an amazing writer. How exciting that you’ve got even more works in progress. You’re unstoppable and awesome! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and your creative mind & energy with us!

  2. Paul, I have always liked your writings. You give food for thought to both the naturist and the non-naturist, too! You have a clear perspective on what it is like to be a naturist and also to be clothed. Most people don’t seem to realize that our skin needs to breathe and be covered by wind and water and sunshine. Because we have LEARNED to cover our nakedness, we are actually harming our natural health. We need to stop doing that! LIVE NAKED AND BE ALIVE!

      1. You understand me clearly and that is why I will enjoy proofreading your next book manuscript. You are an author I like to help be the most vivid writer you can be. I look forward to when you ask me to read what you have written.

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