Vacation report – Lanzarote – 2

The great thing about Lanzarote and especially the area around Charco del Palo is that nudity is okay. Not just ‘not frowned upon’, it’s really okay. I walked around for over 30 miles during my vacation; along the coast line and through the mountains, each mile naked, and no one had a problem. I met plenty of people, most of them dressed. Many of them greeted me and just walked (or drove or cycled) on. It’s an amazing experience to be able to do that.

nat_lanzaIf you’re ready to experience total freedom, walking around nude 24/7, it’s there. Even walking naked through the village of Charco del Palo is fine, I’ve seen plenty of people do it. You’re not allowed to be naked inside restaurants (or the supermarket if it’s open), but I walked to restaurants naked with clothes in a bag, put those on before going in for dinner, and after that I took my clothes off to walk back to my apartment while feeling the evening wind on my body. Talk about relaxing…

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