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As naturism can leverage the tourism?

January 23, 2015

With only 8 official beaches naturism in Brazil has a lot of growing up to do


In November the city of Rio de Janeiro sanctioned the law which made the Praia do Abricó in Rio legalized for the practice of naturism, seven other beaches are they, Bull’s eye in Rio de Janeiro, in Paraiba, Tambaba Massarandupió in Bahia, Dry Bar in Espirito Santo and the beaches of pine, Galheta and Pedras Altas in Santa Catarina are officers by virtue of Decree or byelawsin any other point of the coast where the bather undress he can be arrested for obscenity.

São Paulo being Brazil’s most populous state and still doesn’t have a shoreline dedicated to naturism unfortunately, this not counting other States could also have areas for the practice, following the example of France and other countries cities all over the world even the most demure already realized that naturism is a bonanza for the tourism marketbecause in addition to having millions of followers he cause good impression right next to those who do not practice it.

The last World Cup held in Brazil contributed to increase the number of foreign tourists in Praia do Abricó, because the number of regulars naturists more than doubled during the World Cup, these tourists usually have a higher purchasing power which helps to inject money into the local economy.

Praia de Tambaba in Paraiba is the example of this as it ended up contributing to the growth of tourism in the South coast of the State of Paraiba and thanks to six other nearby beaches naturist beach of Tambaba began to be visited by many tourists from the northern hemisphere. With their arrival, the small local businesses and the real estate sector also grew. The secret is the result of coordination between associations of naturists and the Town Hall.

To the University professor José Wagner, education leads to behavior change. “Nobody creates without making revolution. Naturism is progressing “. We did several events on the issue of naturism within the schools, so that people understand that it’s something odd Tambaba on our planet, “he says.

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  1. This article is very enlightening. I have friends who lived in Brazil as a missionary family. I haven’t seen them in some time, but I wish I could share this article with them. It gives me renewed respect for the people of Brazil and the naturists who live there.

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