Driving naked. Some practical tips.

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You may have seen my post on driving ‘nudist style’. There are a few things I’ve noticed over time that might be good to share, especially for people who want to start out with kind of transport. Here we go:

  • Don’t cool your car as much as you’re used to when dressed. You are not dressed when you drive naked, less cold will be fine. Too cold might actually make you sick (or feel cold, which is no fun).
  • If you can drive without air conditioning, good for you. It’s my preferred way to do it. But: on very hot days cool down your car (and your body) before you put on your clothes. Otherwise your natural body heat will be caught beneath your clothes and that can feel very bad/hot.
  • Don’t rely on the UV filtering of your car windows. If you sit in the sun for a very long time some sunscreen is a smart idea.

Drive safely!

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Driving naked. Some practical tips.”

  1. Don’t dress or undress while in motion — simply unsafe. Undress before you put the car in gear or take off the hand brake. Don’t try to dress if you see a patrol car in your rear-view mirror flashing at you. I’ve had this happen twice. Pull off the road and stop the car. The police will take some time to run your car license plate and that gives you ample time to dress.

  2. My wife and I had our clothes stolen from a nude beach about fifteen years ago. We’d buried the car key, wallets phones etc. under the beach tent, so we waited until dusk, walked the mile to the car park using the pop-up tent as a shield to the few folk on the beach. We drove all the way home and had to refuel enroute. There were not so many self serve, pay at pump garages then so we found one at the rear of a super market, filled up about midnight and got home to find the neighbours having a barbecue. We were about twenty metres from them, it was 01:30 so we just went in the house.
    A thrilling end to the day.

    1. Wow, that was an adventure you hadn’t expected!
      Thank you for sharing this, Paul

      (Sorry, illness caused the delay of approving your first post)

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