Nudist dating sites.

I wonder if the way that some nudist dating sites are ‘promoting’ themselves is smart or rather damaging to the general concept of nudism.

As comments on an article about the World Naked Bike Ride in Clacton (UK) I found this:

My gut feeling says that this is not good for the image of nudism. What do you think?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “Nudist dating sites.”

  1. You’re right, this is just taking commercial advantage of the situation and then I don’t even mention what’s going on, on these so called ‘nudist dating sites’…

  2. Two separate issues:

    1) The above is apparently spam-bombing the comments, & no matter how much one may support the product, all spam is evil & harmful & not to be engaged with… if the business is truly legitimate, then it should advertise equally ‘legitimately’.

    2) Separately–entirely separately–as a concept, any persons wanting to meet like-minded others is, of course, perfectly valid!… & yes, this includes nudists of ‘nudism’ wanting to meet like-minded nudists!

    Too many times nudism/naturism kowtows to the textile zealot sexual witchhunt goin’ on out there, & goes way too far, like a contortionist, separating itself from even the slightest whiff of the idea that nudists/naturists might somewhere, somehow have sex! *GASP!* Nothing–NOTHING–involving humans could possibly be sex-free, especially not as sex-free as the nudity movement ad-nauseum beats the dead horse of all nudity never-never-ever being the least itty-bit sexual. Ok, so tell the idiot textile would-be prohibitionists that the nude beach isn’t an open orgy… then, dammit, drop it!

    If nudists/naturists want to find companionship, or even intimate companionship, or even just get laid, with other nudists/naturists, what’s it anyone else’s business, eh? Isn’t this ‘leave-us-be-free-to-do-what-we-like’ one of the primary tenets of the movement?, wouldn’t judging would-be n/n personal connection be hypocritical? Besides, “Nudist Dating Sites” sound to me like an excellent means of keeping ‘members of the movement’ happy & involved… something about gift-horses & mouths?…

  3. These are stock messages that these marginal outfits post everywhere they can.

    Many of these sites are all part of the same huge dating company ( which offers ‘affiliate programs’ whereby anyone can create a front page for any kind of category (ie, nudist, senior,Christian, etc) and then connect with their database of members. Each new free member sucked in nets $2 for the site owner; someone dumb enough to buy a ‘premium’ membership brings in much more. Site owners can also recruit others to build pages and get a cut from them too! Pyramid scheme?

    We know; we mistakenly operated one such site for a very brief time before discovering the sad truth, and immediately shut it down. We, unlike many, have some integrity.

    Can’t fault them for getting all the free advertising that they can, only for the fact that they’re misleading others for profit and call it ‘naturism’.

    C’mon, ‘Meet hot nudist chicks’ on a sleazy dating site? And she lives nearby? Right.

    When this spam shows up on our site comments, we immediately remove it or add a personal opinion of what we think about the jerks.

    Incidentally, Angie and Steve met on E-Harmony, a legitimate site. We’ve been together nearly eight years now, married for most of it! Love CAN bloom online!

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