Clothes and body temperature

As I already mentioned in my post called “Being naked outside. Isn’t that cold?” I am now convinced there is a link between wearing clothes and the sensation of warm and cold.

A while ago I had a half day to work at home. As usual I didn’t wear any clothes then, which is normal whenever the temperature is agreeable for me. Then I had to go to the office, for which I had to dress. At one point it became very clear to me that wearing clothes has a very definite effect on the way a body experiences warm and cold. In the office the temperature was reasonably nice on my arms (sleeves rolled up) but it felt very warm on every part of skin that was covered with clothing, up to the point that it made me drowsy.

That made it once again clear to me that wearing clothes in conditions where they’re not necessary will hinder your body in feeling comfortable. Smart people that we are, we fix that by artificial cooling devices called air conditioners.

Doesn’t that strike you as at least a bit odd?

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

One thought on “Clothes and body temperature”

  1. I think this is right, and people usually don’t see it, you can see people complaining on heat, pinching their shirts and trying to pump or blow some air inside in an attemp to refresh, the same goes to cold, I’ve realized that when earing something on cold days or nights, I can feel that cold, that doesn’t happen when I’m naked, the reason to me is that when having some pieces of clothing, different parts of the body sense different temperatures depending on if covered or not, thus the brain can interpret that and “say”: ok, it’s cold or hot, I think skin acts aas a termocouple in that scenario, but when totally naked, the whole skin is at one temperature, so the body doesn’t need to try to accomodate to that of unclothed parts or that of covered parts.

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