Driving in the nude

driving nude

I hadn’t done that a lot. Driving nude. Actually I was pointed to it after I had joined the Nook.

Why would you drive nude? Well, why wouldn’t you if you’re a nudist? You wouldn’t when it’s too cold, I can see that. But when it’s warm and nice, there would not be a reason to keep your clothes on while you’re in your car, unless you suspect you need to get out of your car at any moment.



A few things I have learnt since that time:

  1. It’s very comfortable. Nothing pulls and yanks, just like being nude in general.
  2. I needed to get used to feeling the seat belt on my skin. That was annoying for a while.
  3. Nobody watches you. I think this is a major thing to realise; people don’t expect you to be in your car naked so they’re not on the lookout for you. If you act naturally (and how else can you when you’re in your natural skin) they will do that too. They’ll also be paying attention to traffic. (Or their phone… 🙁 )
  4. Putting something on again is much easier when you slide the seat back all the way. (But only when you’re standing still, don’t try this on the motorway!)
  5. Keep something of clothing near in case you need to stop for a sign by e.g. a police officer. You can pull it over your lap to avoid compromising situations. (I do understand that this would not be enough for ladies.)
  6. Keep a towel in your car and sit on that. You’ll sweat and the sweat will go into the upholstery of the seat. A towel is much easier to wash.
  7. The air conditioning is much more effective: instead of mostly cooling your clothes it actually cools down you, so you don’t have to crank it up so much to feel comfortable.

 Some tips if you want to start carefullyNude behind the wheel

  1. Take back roads that you know to be quiet, or drive around quiet industrial areas in weekends if there are any.
  2. Drive in the evening when it’s (getting) dark. Of course, in the summer this would be difficult unless you’re okay with going for it much later than usual. In the winter it’s dark early, you could drive around a bit until the car’s warm and then take off your clothes.
  3. Drive around dinner time if that’s something in your area which makes most people be inside.


Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Driving in the nude”

  1. I agree, driving naked is so much more comfortable in warm weather, iv done it when it’s chilly too, but you do attract! attention as people don’t normally go out bare chested when is chilly.

    As long as you’re careful where & when you drive (avoid schools at kicking out time for instance! and rush hour traffic that queues) is surprising whet you can drive me.

    I keep a pair of liner less running shorts beside me, or use a sarong to sit on (has to go past way up the back of the seat so you can wrap it around if needs be)

  2. i love driving naked,
    summer or winter, daytime or night, short distance or long.
    i have ordered a drive-in macdonalds whilst in the car naked and have regularly gone through toll booths while naked in the car and i nearly always end up at a manned booth luckily i also mostly have correct change to hand over but i also keep my shorts close to me to slip on if and when i need to step out of the car.
    i also know that mostly people are too preoccupied with their own lives to be paying any attention to what you are doing or how it appears what you might be doing

  3. I’ve driven hundreds of miles in the nude. I have driven around our neighborhood in some areas, but also drove for long distances on the Interstate system, putting something on only long enough to put gas in the car. I drove for nearly 8 hours stopping only for gas and one rest stop break, total time, 20 minutes, the rest was in the nude in a small car. Drove over 500 miles covering four states. Did the same on the return trip.

    1. And it’s the best way, the most relaxing. There’s not much to it, no one or hardly anyone seems to notice it – they don’t expect it.
      Good going and keep driving, Boyd.

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