8 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. Under a beautiful Sol day, vitamin D enriching! love heart.emoji smiley face.emoji flat ground and not a shoe in sight… good.

  2. I recognized the site right away. Lupin Lodge! It’s fun to recognize a picture from a writer in the Netherlands no less. Thanks from northern Calivornia.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but is there only one female in the group? That troubles me for two reasons:
    1) If the men are straight, some may be there only to look at the women, which is not fair to them
    2) If the men are homosexual, some may be there only to look at the men, which is not fair to them either.
    Either way, it is troubling.

    1. there is more than one lady in that group Bill.

      guess the problem is assuming people are there to look at each other : ) totally understand what you’re saying though but..well.. no worries : )

      They’re there for a nakation and it should be noted that Lupin lodge is female-owned so every care would be taken to vett (is it vett or vet or maybe vette?) people that attend. Every clothing optional place has their own requirements and rules and stuff so safe to say everyone is there for the same reason, for the freedom to be free <3

    2. So now we have to ration access to nude facilities and events by gender and sexual orientation to avoid suspicion that people are there “just to look at naked XXX”?

      Sounds as bad as the Dutch INF charter in 2019 writing in their official publication and website that nude venues should stop admitting children to avoid pedophiles seeing them.

      Both ideas perpetuate the idea that nudists are all sexual perverts.

    3. There is indeed more than 1 woman in the group.
      Also, if there was only 1, she might be there to grow her male harem, which would be equally troubling.

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