The human form. Or why bathing suits suck.

Last Sunday’s Nudist image was this one:

Nude swim

I think it’s an awesome image. A person swimming in the best way possible.

Yes, you probably saw this already, but I put it here again for a reason.

Bathing suited family at the beach

This is the reason.

Bathing suits. After looking at the image above, it suddenly struck me that bathing suits aren’t just pathetic pieces of fabric that make you feel unpleasant. They also disrupt the image that is the human shape.

The lady in the top picture is complete. Fine. Whole.

There is nothing that interrupts seeing her whole shape. It’s all human. People in bathing suits consist of parts. Look at the young boy on the left. He has a body, then there is this cloth thing and then there are legs. Visually this is entirely wrong. A 2 piece boy. The woman, I assume she’s his mother, even consists of 3 parts. Her shape is broken up twice by the 2-piece bathing suit. For the man the same thing goes as for the boy on the left. I’m quite confident you get my meaning.

Borat Bathing suit

Then there is this monstrosity.

Words actually defy the situation. I know this is Borat and it is meant to make fun of things, but apparently it is or was an actual thing in the not too distant past.

This ‘thing’ makes a 3-part man. It’s awful to behold, although, yes, it’s also funny to watch. (But not for long, because really?)

I have actually gone out onto the big web to see if this is sold. It is.

Go here if you are curious.

Understand that you proceed at your own risk, okay?

Of course the joke isn’t just on men. Somehow women aren’t getting away with this kind of weirdness either.

Bathing suit ducks

Because which sane woman doesn’t want to be seen with blue ducks on her breasts??

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “The human form. Or why bathing suits suck.”

  1. The persistence with expensive, polluting scraps of fabric on the beach and in the pool is ludicrous. An acceptance of the human form in its natural state would go a long way to making society a kinder place. One can only be one’s true self while naked and I’d rather be truthful and in the company of others of the same ilk than worrying about fashion, appearance and tan lines!

  2. I love swimming. But if a textiler invites me to swim I decline. Not if it means wearing soggy, uncomfortable clothes. Bare or nothing. Er, bare is nothing, right?

  3. Agreed.
    I surmise a lot of us can agree that putting some covering over or on your body has got to be the most asinine and absurd thing ever created in man’s history. I don’t know who started the needless clothing trend, but unless society can accept others, it will continue.

    I have written before,
    If we all could just accept others for who we are, we would NOT even need clothes.

    The human form is a work of art that’s gorgeous and we should display it proudly, not shame it.
    This goes for EVERY body, not just the females. Guys also have a beautiful body.

    I declare that since I skinny-dipped the first time I refuse to wear anything in the water again!!

  4. I’d imagine that clothing in general started as a response to the environment. IIRC in ancient cultures clothing quickly became a vehicle to show status or for adornment. However the REASON for clothing remained unchanged and nudity was not a major issue.

    I think it was when christianity became a tool for non-religious things that nudity acquired its current negative reputation. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    As for me, my story is the same as many others. One time skinny dipping and I was sold.

    What I find strange is that at textile beaches people are generally much more judgmental about bodies than at nudist beaches. Yes, I know this is not a new observation…..

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