Naturist vacation in South America. Where to go?

What are good naturist vacation options in Latin America?

My girlfriend and I are looking at a naturist vacation far away. I understand that South America doesn’t sound very far away for people in the US. From Europe it’s quite a haul.

I’ve been looking around for Mexico but the options there seem to be quite limited. I found a place that’s super luxurious and costs an arm and a leg for a night. That’s not what we want.

Also it’s not what we can afford.

I had a look at the Dominican Republic as well. The only nudist hotel there that I found is Eden Bay. There are many references to it online, e.g. on TripAdvisor, but their website is either down or broken – I can’t get to it. Does anyone have experiences with Eden Bay? Is it still operational even? (Since their website doesn’t work…)

Through I found 3 options. 2 no longer have a working website. Only Caribbean Nature on St Martin looks operational, and that seems to be a nice place.

Naked Crow 3 - Nagual

I’m genuinely surprised that the number of naturist vacation options in South America is so limited. Either that, or they do their best to stay hidden and under the radar.

It really makes me wish that the resort from Naked Crow 3 had really been built.

So yes, this is not your regular blog post. This is a call-out to people who have been to decent naturist resorts or hotels in Latin America. I would love to hear from you. Where were you, what were your experiences, what do you recommend and what is totally a place to stay away from? A big, nude thank you from me and my girlfriend!

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6 thoughts on “Naturist vacation in South America. Where to go?”

  1. Looks like you forgot to check Naked Wanderings and πŸ™‚

    The expensive place you’ve found in Mexico was probably Hidden Beach.
    A bit further south is Playa Sonrisa in Xcalak which is quite more economical.
    Even better priced are the places in Zipolite, on the Pacific side of Mexico. Here we can definitely recommend:
    – Buda Mar (on the nude beach)
    – Casablanca (15min walk from the nude beach but 5min walk from a semi-private cove)

    Then some other Caribbean places which won’t blow your budget in one night:
    Le Mirage in Jamaica
    New Cambium in Dominican Rep.
    Pic Paradise on St. Martin
    Jardin d’O on St. Martin
    The Natural Curacao on Curacao

  2. Naked Wanderings is the definitive source! You should look at their stuff on South America as well.

    We are especially fond of Paya Bay in Honduras, Playa Sonrisa (mentioned above) in Mexico, and Chihuahua beach in Uruguay, which has a sweet little naturist inn near by. There are several other options if you go that far south. We have some at our info about that on the Meandering Naturist blog that might complement the load of info on Nick and Lins’ site. Bon voyage!

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