Daylight savings time.

You may be surprised but I sometimes think about non-naturist things. Feel free to skip this post if you’re not interested.

I hate daylight savings time.

Each time the ungalactic overlords start messing with the clock, I have problems for at least a week, and that can stretch up to 2 weeks. People who don’t feel that problem often shrug that off with the statement “You simply sleep a bit less/longer and that’s it.” If you are one of those, you’re a lucky person.

Here in the Netherlands, a majority is against DST or Summertime as it’s called here. Last Sunday I read a Slashdot article that 70% of Americans are against it. It’s not up to me to say it’s true but it would not surprise me.

Time warping should be left to experts like Dr Who, or the people who invented the Time Tunnel (who remembers that series?)

The Time Tunnel

Moving back and forth can’t be healthy

Here in the Netherlands we move back a week before the US of A does. I am still not back on schedule, which stinks as I have a job. More people I know complain about it.

Also, I doubt this is healthy and the way things should be. We’re still natural beings (‘naturist’ says so much, right? Tell me if I’m wrong) so we should adjust to nature, not adjust nature to us. We’re already doing that in too many ways.

Human health is too much under the table for the benefit of the economy. Let’s at least get rid of this one.

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6 thoughts on “Daylight savings time.”

  1. I seem to recall that the EU plan to abandon daylight savings soon – maybe 2021. Even some states in the US are considering a similar change (west coast).

    1. Yes, there is that plan. And united as the EU is, each country is free to decide what it does. Stick with the switch, go to wintertime or to go summertime. Which could make a mess between 3 adjoining countries where 1 is in winter, 1 in summer and 1 depending on when you go there. Just to make international trade easier. HAHAHA!!

  2. I have the same problem several times a year. Not only summertime/wintertime but going to England and coming back serveral times a year.

    1. There is a chance they will cancel this summer/wintertime thing but England will always be a problem for the likes of us.
      Good luck with that, Hans!

  3. I remember the Time Tunnel!. I don’t think they were nearly as competent as Dr. Who. He’s the only time traveler I’d trust more than a day ago.

    I have often thought of Daylight Savings Time as Daylight Slavery Time. People blame Ben Franklin for inventing it as a way to boost productivity by using daylight instead of candlelight.

    Actually, the essay he wrote was a tounge in cheek satire of the idea. The business community of Paris took it seriously and ran with it. I’m glad the people of London did not take Jonathan Swift’s satirical “Modest Proposal” so seriously.

    “Your readers, who with me have never seen any sign of sunshine before noon, and seldom regard the astronomical part of the almanac, will be as much astonished as I was, when they hear of his rising so early; and especially when I assure them, that he gives light as soon as he rises. I am convinced of this. I am certain of my fact. One cannot be more certain of any fact. I saw it with my own eyes.”

    Franklin was an advocate for sunbathing and skinnydipping.

    The actual blame seems to lay at the feet of William Willett, a construction business owner in London, who wanted his workers to work more hours in the longer summer daylight.

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